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Default Re: Lack of CGI in MOS

They are going to need to pull out all the stops on the action part of this movie. Like showtime has said, once you have a film with a bunch of superheroes in it, with the early word of mouth being that the action is good, they need to really put everything into this movie and not worry about saving it for the "sequel".

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Default Re: Lack of CGI in MOS

Yes, that is what I'm saying!

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Default Re: Lack of CGI in MOS

Snyder movie. Lots of action, lots of CGI.

Everything else surprise me that much that my reality would be crumbling down.

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Default Re: Lack of CGI in MOS

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
eh while avengers looks good cinematiclly i dont think it will be able to touch what zack can do since whedon has a very tv type style

zack is also very specific with his shots tons of planning and detail goes into each shot and has some quite beautiful shots
Amir Mokri who did a good job in Transformers 3 and Bad Boys 2 is the cinematographer for MOS, Snyder's usual crew member (cinematographer) Larry Fong is not working with him this time.

I expect MOS visuals to look lot better than SR, GL and Avengers.

Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
I hope they go easy on the CGI.

I'm not the biggest fan of Snyder's Greenscreen action and SLOOOOW-MOOO. I actually prefer Nolan's fight scenes.

Also, Warner Bros has a bad track record with CGI in films like these. The CGI in Superman Returns AND Green Lantern was HORRIBLE! Especially when they tried to CGI humans.
It is difficult to create a convincing CGI human, that is the problem of available technology, all Studios suffer from this problem, not just WB.

Having said that the special effects works in MOS will definitely improve as compared to SR and GL because this time Sony ImageWorks is not involved, for MOS the effects are done by WETA and Double Negative.


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