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Young Superman
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Default Batman: Dead End

Here is a thread to talk about the 2003 fan film Batman: Dead End, made by Sandy Collora. I can't be the only one on here that loves this film. In my opinion it's one of the best live action representations of Batman ever. Clark Bartram was an amazing Batman, whe looked like he had stepped directly off of the pages of a Batman comic. (Note too WarnerBros and DC, thisis how Batman should look is live action.}Andrew Koenig, {may he rest in peace.} was a was a phenomenal Joker, and it was cool too see Batman fight alien and predator.

For those who have not seen it here you go:

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Default Re: Batman: Dead End

I saw this vid years ago.
My opinion: the best fan made Batman film ever done. I love crossovers and the last scene is just hardcore.

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Harvey Dent
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Default Re: Batman: Dead End

Yeah one of the best Batman fan films.

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Mace Dolex
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Default Re: Batman: Dead End

Yep a very good fan made Batman film, but what has Sandy Collora been up to, did he fall off the face of the earth? Aside from this one you should check also the very cool World's Finest trailer that once again had Bartram as Batman as a huge musclehead as Superman.

Years ago after the crap Batman & Robin but before talks of Batman Begins the film was making the rounds at conventions Sandy Collora, Clark Bartram and Andrew Koenig made an appearance at a con in Los Angeles in which they talked about the film and how Collora was apalled at Schumacher's campy take and of course the audience there loved it.

A few of the Marvel Superheroes are somewhat niche characters that aren't extremely versatile, thus they don't have a lot of longevity potential. For example, Namor is a water guy, Silver Surfer is a space guy, Dr. Strange is a magic guy, and so on.
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Hathaway #1
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Default Re: Batman: Dead End

Andrew Koenig was a good Joker in this. In the short runtime, he managed to establish a history with Batman as well as menace. May he RIP.

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Default Re: Batman: Dead End

I dont really care for it at all as much of a huge batman/predator/alien fan that I am.

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