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Default Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

Has anyone seen this? I just rented it off of Comcast's OnDemand and I gotta say, it was a fantastic film.

For those that don't know, its a documentary following a group of Comic-Con attendees including two aspiring artists, a couple who started dating at the previous years CC, a comic book collector, and an amateur special effects artist/costume designer. There's also short interviews with celebrities and random fans throughout.

I was skeptical watching it at first - why would I care what some random fans do over the weekend? but it totally blew me away. Each of the fans that they are following have pretty important reasons for going, and watching as they try to achieve their dreams during a 3 day convention was surprisingly heartfelt. I was actually on the edge of my seat with my heart racing for a few scenes near the end, even pumping my fist in celebration for some of the fans.

While the film really isn't about the history of Comic-Con, it is most certainly a love letter to it's origins. There are several lamentations for how CC has evolved into current status in popular culture while leaving comics in the dust.

While I would have loved to have seen some more of the actual convention (I've never been), what they did show really whetted my appetite to find my way there some day.

Has anyone else seen it?

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Default Re: Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

I saw it and I enjoyed it. I felt it captured the spirit of Comic-Con. Very well done, and I will buy it when it comes out on DVD.

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