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Default Ultimate Avengers--similarities?

I recently heard about the Ultimate Avengers cartoon movie and couldn't help but see the similarities which got me to the cinematic universe based off the Ultimate? Fury assembles the Avengers, Hawkeye and Black Widow are members from the start, there is no Vision to be seen anywhere. But the origin movies are not Ultimate based, as are the cartoon ones. Dd they get elements from both? I'd like to hear what you think and whether or not this movie will be like the animated one in any respect other than the aforementioned.

Also there's the small matter of the animated Next Avengers, which I find interesting but unecesarry... Your thoughts?

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Default Re: Ultimate Avengers--similarities?

...The films are influenced by the 616-Universe and The Ultimate universe, and various other comic runs.

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Default Re: Ultimate Avengers--similarities?

Originally Posted by BatsDC View Post
...The films are influenced by the 616-Universe and The Ultimate universe, and various other comic runs.
yeah parts of the origins, costumes and personality is based of the ultimate universe as well as 616 universe and original ideas.

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Default Re: Ultimate Avengers--similarities?

Hawkeye wasn't in The Ultimate Avengers movie btw, just Black Widow.

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Default Re: Ultimate Avengers--similarities?

Yeah, I noticed, and Cap's look is WAAAAY ultimate in Avengers.

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Default Re: Ultimate Avengers--similarities?

Cap's Ultimate look translates a bit more easily to the screen. The updated one for "The Avengers" does seem a bit closer to 616, though.

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Default Re: Ultimate Avengers--similarities?

i just saw the Ultimates Avengers on Netflix *instand que* i thought id be garbage but it was kinda cool it was really interesting seeing all Cap stuff in the begging..even though he looked like a goofy almost like a duck..the shield getting dented..the no name villian ..the aliens that are in the movie..bucky being alive and no winter was interesting probally best scene in the movie was unthawing of cap..him seeing the real world then walking around neighborhood...reuninting with bucky then going to the graveyard to see his friends.and fact no one knew who Iron was stark till the middle of the movie..The back stories were cool like Hulk going crazy and trying to recreate supper solider...Nick Fury being like Sam L even though this was made 2006 two years before MCU ..I did not like they way they protrayed Thor how he was protesting, way his hammer looked and he ended up there always being there when the Avengers were in deep ****.I did find it funny everyone kinda mocked Thor didnt really believe he was a god till the end of the second film..the concept was cool but some of things drove me nuts i like the comics and the MCU more find it more intersting but this had an interesting twist bummer they were movies not a tv series like the avengers earths mightest hereos..the voice acting on some character seemed weird ( most noteable Tony Stark) but it was interesting..I felt if u liked Captain America ud really like these two movies because there were from his perspective and begging of movie starts in WWII with Cap

But the third film next avengers or w.e what a crock of crap..i stopped watching it kinda offended i didnt really care about the kids of avengers to be honest the voices were annoying and stark looking like a japennse dude what the heck.The Avengers were Earths Mighest could Earths Mighest heros die ..what kind of crock of crap is that...i wish they would of made a third Avengers movie and have no name villian dude come back since after all Cap did say he killed him twice in WWII

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