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Default CASTING CALL: Batman Beyond

I know there is already a Batman Beyond thread floating around, but this one we'll keep strictly for casting our picks in a BB movie. I would like to see the franchise continue with Nolan's style and realism in a new Batman Beyond trilogy, starting with the creation of a new Batman and ending with Shriek, which I'll get more into with my pics.

Batman/Terry McGinnis: Will Friedle. Many of you may not agree due to his age and his look, but I am biased on this one and I think he would be a great Batman, espcially after being the only voice of Terry. I can't see anyone else in the role.

Bruce Wayne: Clint Eastwood or Kevin Conroy. Clint is badass but unfotunately, he's retired from acting, so in his place I choose Conroy. As being the the voice of Batman for over a decade, I would love to see him on the big screen. Plus in my opinion, he's the definitive Batman. Honorable Mention: Michael Keaton. One of my favorite Batmen, I'd love to see him return as Bruce.

Derek Powers: Ted Danson. He's got the acting chops and he would make the perfect a-hole. To be honest, he kinda looks like Powers as well.

Dana Tan: Brenda Song. Beautiful, Asian American and she's a pretty decent actress. Did I mention she was beautiful? She would bring something unique and better to the role concidering I found the cartoon version of Dana to be pretty bland and boring. (I was hoping Terry got with Ten lol)

Mr. Fixx: Michael Clarke Duncan. He's a fantastic actor, and he's got the physical size to be Fixx. Even though it's a minor role, he'd still be a fantastic fit.

Commissioner Gordon: Helen Mirren. Honestly, I dont know too much about her and I'm just filling the role on this one, but she's quite the looker for and older woman.

Shriev/Shriek: Robert Knepper. I liked him in Heroes and he's already played a villian so he would be perfect. In his first face off with Batman, he would go deaf, and I would have him return in the last movie for vengeance like in the cartoon, but with a twist. Can't make it exactly the same which leads me to....

Mad Stan: Henry Rollins. I'm not even gonna try to pick anyone else. This dude is crazy enough to play a crazy person so he's my pick! I'd want Shriek to hold the city hostage with Mad Stan planting bombs all around the city, threatening to destroy it unless Batman gave himself up and surrenderd to Shriek. I did enjoy when Stan teamed up with Spellbinder, but we've seen that already so I'd want to see something different.

Ira Billings/Spellbinder: Justin Long. I think he would be a good pick for Spellbinder as he has the look and seems like he would be the guidance counselor/villain type. He's got that, I seem like a good guy but I'm really not look to him lol. I'd have him as the villain in the second moive, Batman Beyond: (enter title here) and using technology to brainwash the students and having terry investigate but with a little interference from...

Melanie/10. Hayden Panettiere. A new student to Terry's school, he becomes conflicted between Dana and Melanie, while trying to find this mysterious new villain Spellbinder and stoping the Royal Flush Gang.

As for Mary McGunnis, Matt and a few others, I'll leave that to you guys. Man this took a long time to write lol

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