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Default The Avengers Video Game

I have not been able to dig up any details about whether or not there will be an Avengers video game, or for that matter who is to be developing it. However, I REALLY hope that it is NOT Sega this time! They have ruined EVERY Marvel movie game they have gotten their ugly mits on!

Iron Man: CRAP
The Incredible Hulk: CRAP
Iron Man 2: MORE CRAP
Thor - God of Thunder: CRAP
Captain America - The First Avenger: LOOKS LIKE CRAP

I heard Sega's contract with Marvel expires soon so hopefully soon, we won't be seeing their name anywhere near a Marvel game again. The question is, who is going to develop the game after Sega no longer has the rights? Will Disney have it developed by Buena Vista Games? Seems unlikely, given that their biggest development house, Propaganda Games, got closed after rushing out Tron Evolution. My suspicion is that Disney is no longer serious about making their own games, which means they are likely to partner with a second party developer, or an outside publisher.

As much as I HATE HATE HATE Activision, the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games are amongst the better games to have been graced with the Marvel banner. If Activision makes the Avengers game, I think we can pretty much expect it to be the spiritual "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3," similar to how their Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen game is continuing what was laid down by War for Cybertron. It would probably be a team-based action game with RPG elements and a heavy emphasis on 4 player co-op, much like the MUA games.

Who knows? Maybe there'd be some bonus playable characters in there who don't show up in the movie, like War Machine, Blade (since Marvel regained the movie rights), Iron Fist, Antman, Wasp and Black Panther? As long as Sega isn't making it, the game could turn out pretty sweet so long as it's not rushed.

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Default Re: The Avengers Video Game

I do hope Sega is not developing it or for that matter not involved with it all. If they are, might as well throw it in the trash can along with the other crap they've made.

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Default Re: The Avengers Video Game

It seems as though THQ may be taking the reigns of it. There was a report from The Avengers set of when they were filming on The Hellicarrier, and they said THQ, Lego and others were on hand.

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Default Re: The Avengers Video Game

I also hope Sega has nothing to do with it.

Activision and Raven Soft did the Wolverine game. Also remember, Activision/Treyarch did the best Spider-Man games as well. So Activision has been attached to some of the better Spidey games. Though Spider-Man 3 was a big disappointment.

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Default Re: The Avengers Video Game

I hope they stay away from what the Fantastic Four games did and agree that it should stick to what Ultimate Alliance did. Those games are pure fun, and a movie version would be great. Although I think the graphics wouldn't really show us the movie faces that well (camera angles are usually over-head).

I would like in some levels, you pick a different hero to carry out a mission, then each hero gets his own solo mission, after that it can go back to 4 players.

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Default Re: The Avengers Video Game

^^^ That. Make sure that there are times when you can really appreciate the individual characters' abilities.

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Default Re: The Avengers Video Game

Ultimate Alliance is cool, but the characters all feel neutered. They're not nearly as strong as they are in the comics. The Iron Man game may not have been great, but at least you could fly higher than 10 feet off the ground. At least Hulk could demolish buildings and jump a city block (I know, he's supposed to be able to do miles, but it's a lot better than in UA).

Remember in the Spider-Man 2 video game, where you could unlock that warehouse and fight Rhino, Doc Ock, Shocker, and Calypso at the same time? Imagine that, but with all characters being the Avengers. Open world, all characters are at their full potential, and absolute chaos when the fight goes on. I don't think I ever did beat the Sinister.... Four.

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Default Re: The Avengers Video Game

I suppose if they're going to make an Avengers Legacy sort of game we should talk about the characters they should include. It should sort of be like this...

1. Captain America
2. Iron Man
3. Thor
4. Wasp
5. Giant Man
6. Hulk
7. Scarlett Witch
8. Pietro
9. Vision
10. Ms Marvel (Captain Marvel as an unlockable costume?)
11. She Hulk
12. Crystal
13. Hawkeye
14. Black Widow
15. Photon
16. Black Panther
17. Namor
18. Spider Woman
19. Nick Fury
20. Hercules
21. Luke Cage
22. Tigra
23. Doctor Strange

and as unlockables...
24. Spider-man
25. Wolverine.

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Default Re: The Avengers Video Game

I'ld like to see it maybe done in the style of say Shattered Dimensions which as it stands is my fav Spidey game (albeit the new one coming soon looks fantastic)

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Default Re: The Avengers Video Game

I thought Sega was just the publisher for these games.

Well I know many people will hate on it, but I was really wishing for the THQ game to be finished. I want is so bad!

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