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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Howling Commandos were a waste of film.

Originally Posted by gkokujin View Post
Who taught Cap how to fight?
He just put the suit on and was olympic level athlete material.

Why didn't we see him on the pommel horse? rings? learning to box, learning martial arts?

He just got injected and was cap.

this should not be.
And this. A training montage was sorely needed.

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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Thought the movie was great. I think the mascot idea was a great way to explain visually in the real world of movies versus the comic book medium how a guy would dress the way Captain America does. Wings, strips like the flag, and floppy pirate boots. That needs to be eased into on a silver screen. I think the war years were sacrificed due to time and the need to get him into the current era for Avengers. Atwell was amazing and probably the hottest actress I have seen in all the marvel movies. The only thing i really had an issue with was the uniform. I wanted a more comic bookish look but I can live with what was done. I missed the scale armor ALOT.

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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Originally Posted by gkokujin View Post
My biggest issue aside from people taking orders from a woman, and the black guy having anything to say back then...

Who taught Cap how to fight?
He just put the suit on and was olympic level athlete material.

Why didn't we see him on the pommel horse? rings? learning to box, learning martial arts?

He just got injected and was cap.

this should not be.
I was gonna pitch a series to Marvel called Codenamed:Captain America. It would tell the story of Cap in WW2 while keeping accurate to the timeline of the war. While the Army created him he would work for the OSS under the cover of Private Steve Rogers and would go on missions assigned to him by OSS. One of the biggest points of this series is to learn who and how he learned to be Cap.
So Cap would be a super spy until Pearl Harbor and then he would lead a special unit in the War.

I decided to not pitch the story because they decided to go another way with Cap's history

There seems to be a grave misunderstanding in today’s protest-hungry world of entertainment fans into how far their opinion should really matter. You don’t like a story? That’s fine – don’t read a story. Former Marvel editor Tom Brennan
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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

For me the ending is the problem! He could of just landed the plane on the ice, he had control of plane, he manually crashed it!! Here's the bigger mind F, one of the bombs wasn't even explosive when Steve crashed it in back of the hangar bay. He even dropped one of the bombs with one of the henchmen on it. How did he not know they were not explosive, or did he just take a risk hoping that they weren't?

I get it! The cube was the bombs power source, but not one of them was ever powered up by it. Once the cube was no longer on board there was no way any of them could be powered up, because of that, none of the bombs were a threat! I guess what I'm saying is that Steve didn't have to crash the ship! The bombs onboard were not even explosive! Even when Steve crashed the flying wing into the ice there was no explosion from the bombs! He didn't have to crash land the ship. He had control of it, which he could of just landed on the ice!

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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

^ This is also my biggest problem right there. He has control of the plane, the bombs are (apparently) harmless, and yet he has 'no choice but to crash the plane'?

I think this video makes the point pretty nicely.

I couldn't help but feel that instead of being a selfless hero, he was just a super-powered dumb***. Which is kind of anti-climactic, I must say.

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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

I think it suffered from having to lead into the Avengers.

I've always liked the first half especially and also, Peggy and Cap had a great romantic chemistry, I think easily the best of any Marvel Studios movie so far. So it's bothered me since I realized this, becuz I don't just hope for another version down the road, I actually wish they had done this movie differently. There's too many elements of it that I think are perfect.

Everything about the movie goes perfect, up until Cap splits from the USO to rescue Bucky's unit. I really think what should have happened right there is that the Bucky rescue mission should've been the whole rest of the movie. That one first mission, just give it more substance. Like maybe put Zemo in charge of this place. He's doing genetic experiments there but it's also serving as a detention camp for Allied troops. Red Skull throughout the movie would be more of the background, Darth Sidious, type of character, Zemo more like a Vader.

They could've stretched it out and added some stuff to Cap's journey on the way there. Maybe show him interacting with local villagers around Zemo's base who also had family trapped in there. Just made the whole thing mean more, somehow, especially giving more time to Cap working with Bucky and his soon to be Howling Commandos after he connected with them inside the base and fighting to get out and back to their own camp. There'd be a standoff with Zemo on the way back, maybe Skull could come and save his ass and fight with Cap too. But the end of the movie, we would have Cap, Bucky, the Commandos and the rest of the unit marching back to Tommy Lee Jones and Peggy, triumphant.

Steve Rogers is transformed into Captain America at the end of the movie, basically. Cool part is, he wouldn't even get his proper shield until somewhere during the beginning of the second movie.

I really think this would've been the perfect Cap origin story, if they would've just stuck to one mission and left the whole freezing incident to another movie, if the world was perfect, he'd get frozen in the 3rd Cap movie and this would lead into Avengers.

So I understand why they had to cram everything into one film like this, but, man, it really messed up a great Cap origin film, I think. And also, Winter Soldier is going to suffer for it.

Because, as it is now, I just don't see how we are supposed to care much about Cap and
Bucky's relationship. Even if they add 15 minutes of flashback scenes into the movie, I don't feel like it's going to add up for me into much. Given the constrictions they had tho, I guess the way the movie runs is pretty decent.

The only other gripe I have is the design for a lot of it. And this is easier to forgive and live with but some of the stuff, especially the Hydra lasers, just look like total crap. Like no thought was given towards any way to make them look like they were of a piece with the aesthetics of the rest of the movie.

It looks like early 90's soundstage kind of stuff. Fog machines, inexplicable purple lighting, it just looks like a strip bar. like if you did a WWII battle scene mock up in the middle of a 90's strip bar.

I don't remember the Rocketeer being this ugly, but haven't seen it recently so who knows. There was just a cheapness to the way half the stuff looked in Captain America:TFA, the lasers, Hydra's armor, Red Skull all of that type of stuff.

Cap and his shield were great, the acting was great, but what a weird movie that was unforunately not weird enough in certain ways, just kinda stuck in between.

All that said, I loved the movie and thought it was better than Thor and Iron Man 2 overall.

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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

I wished Fury could have been in the Howling Commandos.

"I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me." ~The 11th Doctor
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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

I think the problem with CATFA, much as I love it, was that it felt like it was made up of two parts where each came from a different movie.

The first half is everything up to the Howling Commandos. The second is the train mission onwards.

We went from Steve as a young hero just getting started, right to Steve as a veteran who has to see his friend "die". As a result, we didn't really get a feel of Steve and Bucky as friends and brothers in arms. Bucky's death doesn't really have that much of an impact, either.

I think the movie would have benefited with 10 minutes or so of the Steve and Bucky and the commandos between the montage and the train mission.

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Chance Jackson
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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

Hated the action montage that part shouldn't have been glossed over, and I would have gladly sacrificed all the USO stuff to get more combat

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