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View Poll Results: FC2 Villain/s
Magneto + Brotherhood at the end of FC 3 5.77%
Magneto + Brotherhood from FC with some new members 9 17.31%
Apocalypse 2 3.85%
Mister Sinister 23 44.23%
Sentinels 9 17.31%
Proteus 0 0%
Juggernaut (different incarnation from X3) 1 1.92%
The Morlocks 0 0%
The Shi'ar 0 0%
Stryker 1 1.92%
The Shadow King 1 1.92%
Other: please specify 1 1.92%
Omega Red 2 3.85%
Voters: 52. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Villain/s for First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
Mister Sinister is Nathaniel Essex a 19th Century victorian Scienstis obsessed with Mutants who was mutated by Apocalypse. His the leader of The Marauders and Nasty Boys.

Sinister has assumed many alter egos throught his life including Robert Windsor, Arnold Bocklin, Mike Milbury, Steven Shaffran, Edmond Atkinson, Nate, Administrator Pearson, Nosferatu, Nathan Milbury and Pale Man.

The problem with his character is that Sebastian Shaw was given some of his characteristics and backstory in First class making Mister Sinister some what redundant.

There is a mutant like a vampire called Emplate but I don't think he would make a great villain for the first class sequel.
There is a way to differentiate Sinister from Shaw and Stryker.

All three experiment on mutants. Shaw is a mutant, Stryker a human who hates mutants.

Sinister is a human (or he began as one anyway) who could be portrayed as envying mutants, resenting them, wanting to be one too.

Realising that humanity is heading for extinction and that mutants will be the ones to inherit the Earth, he tries to make himself one and performs experiments on himself. Perhaps he takes mutant DNA in the guise of a medical doctor taking routine blood samples (at an orphanage?), rather than some nasty scientist imprisoning mutants like Stryker.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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Default Re: Villain/s for First Class sequel?

Villains for First Class 2 I would go the Brotherhood vs X-Men 60's-70's. Have the two groups operate largely unobstructed from one another with a contentious but non-violent conflict that has yet to escalate. The JFK assassination sets things in motion. Sentinel project is born. In the present day, future X-Men go back in time to stop the events set in motion by Magneto. Set up major events tying into the OT, not specifically but more so to establish the political backdrop of the OT and the growing conflict of the "war that is coming."

Side plots could include events foreshadowing the future. The mutant massacre. Maybe Sinister is behind it and is viewed as a threat to mutants and humans alike. I would like to see the Brotherhood and X-Men work together although that has already been done in the past. You could also set up Genosha. I think Nathaniel Essex could be a scientist testing on mutants on the island. A mutant revolt could lead to a strong military response and the massacre of many mutants on the island. A disgraced Essex could look to re-create his life's work by becoming an ultimate mutant and the hybrid of Stryker and Shaw himself.

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Default Re: Villain/s for First Class sequel?

It Is going to be Sentinles for future scenes and Magneto and Brootherhood In the present.

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Default Re: Villain/s for First Class sequel?

Sentinels in a major set piece would destroy the budget. You need that money for the cast and other special effects. I would relegate it to an opening sequence, but no more than one extended scene. Something a little more involved than the Danger Room in TLS.

For the third part, you could technically skip to X-4, but I feel we need a proper introduction of the classic team in their youth so no X-4. Beast could be in his prime with younger actors playing the late 80's/90's version of the core characters in the OT. I'd like to see Wolverine in another ensemble film, so send Wolverine and Kitty back in time. The events would be akin to something in Terminator 2, where while the threat from Magneto looms, the inevitable conflict/genocide must be stopped, or postponed. You could not piggyback off this completely, but the concept would be more or less the same.

My personal preference would be the US working closely with the Russians on a top secret Sentinel project that can be fully functional by 2015. The project contemplated since the 60's is now in motion for good with the backing of major world powers. Bolivar Trask would be heavily involved, perhaps Omega Red as well.

Brotherhood lineup at this point: Sabertooth, Juggernaught (ignore Last Stand's version), Mystique, and Frost.

X-Men lineup: Hank, young Scott/Jean/Ororo, Wolverine, and an older Kitty Pride. Possibly Gambit. Rogue is still a child so unless she also goes back in time then no.

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