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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
NO PLease NO

we need to get away from williams theme as far as possible we dont need some williams remix theme

returns did that

look how elfman's batman theme would feel out of place in begins or TDK due to the tone and era

same here williams theme remixed or not will feel out of place in snyder's more gritty modern take
Ok cool I can understand what you're saying but I want a THEME!

A lot of superhero films that have come out, in fact all of them are lacking that actual 'distinct' theme.

I mean Dark Knight and the new Batman series share a 'sound' and have a very atmospheric audio, but the actual theme takes so long to get to it just feels like one big mash up of sounds.

I think a theme tune should distinguish the film and character as solidly as it can, so I kinda want that little 'jingle' in my head where you can whistle it or hum it and know straight away what it is, does that make sense? Not sure if I'm making sense.

Basically I feel like some Melody is missing from a LOT of Superhero films, and Superman is the Epitome of Hero! SO this thing has got to Sound Heroic, YES I'm not saying don't have the darkness and the grit, that is still possible and indeed important but I really would like this to blow other superhero films out the water Score wise and I think the Theme could help a lot.

Honestly can you remember Avengers Theme? or The Hulk? or Captain America? Even Spiderman?

Those few seconds can distinguish a character instantly and I think that's what's missing from these new films.

I'm NOT saying recreate John Williams theme or remix it , but if you're going in a whole new Direction then, please make it Legendary! Please!

I remember watching the opening of Superman 1,2 and 3 with Christopher Reeves those are some Legendary opening sequences that actually sent shivers down my spine for many years watching them. You knew this guy was SUPERMAN!

SO basically I hope something like this can be achieved.

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