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Default X-Men: Days of Future Past Speculation

I want to speculate what the biggest X-Men film ever(Fox's description) and using cats of both first Class and original Cast could bring

20-25 Minute sequeze set In Future-Open with Sentinles walking around torn down New York.Cut to Internment camp were several of the remaining utants have collors on and you see Magneto(Ian Mckellan) just Imagne the drama of seeing her In Camp just as he was as a boy.You see Xavier(Patrick Stewert) you can have discussion how all of his efforts at wanting to prevent mutants to suffer fate his family did caused another holocaust.You can see Storm(Halle Berry) and also see graves of characters.Suddenly you see Kitty Pryde(ellen Page or recasted actress) phase Into camp with Wolverine and Colossus(recasted actor) Kitty gets to work unlocking the collors.Sentinles before long are on to Jailbreak.Colossus and Wolverine do throwball special to buy time to complete the unlocking.Once free both Magneto and Storm use powers against Sentinles.Magneto sacrifices himelf so the rest can escape.They go to ruins of mansion where Wolverine Introduces them to member of mutant Underground Forge.They have devolped plan to try to prevent this world by preventing the assassination.They need Xavier's mental powers to power It.The Sentinles soon are at the mansion.Storm,Colossus,and Kitty buy time for Forge to use Xavier's mental power to power machine to send wolverine back In time.

Rest of film

Wolverine arrives In 1963

At the mansion In crude early version of danger Beast,Banshee,and Havok are training at using their powers and working as a team.Xavier knows It Is only a matter of time before Magneto strikes

In nightclub frequented by wealthy and political elite JFK Is among them watching Emma Frost as sexy dance.Riptide Is working as bartender.Mystique In form of beautiful young waitress(You know they are likely to find a way for Jennifer Lawrence not to be In Mystique blue form her entire screen time) who gets JFK's attention.After performing Emma goes backstage and meets Azarel who teleports her to Magneto who tells him phase one of plan Is completed.

some time Is spent showing how Xavier and beast are coping

Disguised Mystique becomes JFK's Mistress

wolverine shows up at mansion.He ends up Into fight with Havok till Xavier appears.Wolverine Is surprised to see Xavier with hair.He tries to convince him he Is from future.Xavier reads his minds seeing Magneto will launch public attack which results In JFK's death,alert the general public to mutants and set In motion chain of events which will lead to holocaust and unleashing of sentinles who enslave humans as well as wiping out mutants

Xavier has Wolverine train with Beast,Havok,and Banshee as they prepare.

Wolverine dons a First Class era X-Men uniform

with Mystique's inside information.The brotherhood Is waiting when JFK arrives In Texas.Magneto makes speech.The X-Men arrive.Huge battle
between X-Men VS Brootherhood.Riptide and Angel are killed during the battle.Magneto pulls metal from wolverine.Unknown to Magneto the plan was
for Wolverine to distract him.with help from Banshee Beast Is able to get the helmet off.Xavier goes Into his mind showing him what Wolverine showed him.
Emma goes to diamond form to stop Xavier.Beast subdues Emma.Mystique morphs to true form to show JFk wo she really Is and as she she Is about to kill him Beast prevents her.Azarel teleports Mystique away.

Wolverine returns to future.They are left wondering If they made a difference.

In twist ending of film while In car shoots ring out at JFK.We see Magneto In cword controlling the bullets flow so JFK Is killed.Despite It all JFK Is still killed by Magneto just the circumstences changed.

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