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View Poll Results: Days of future Past Speculation
Time Traveler Choice 1 1 6.67%
Time Traveler Choice 2:Kitty Pryde 8 53.33%
Time Traveler Choice 3:Rogue 0 0%
Time Traveler Choice 4:Bishop 5 33.33%
Time Traveler CHoice 5:Storm 1 6.67%
Future Choice 1:Prologue at beging of film 2 13.33%
Future Choice 2:Flashback/Flashforward In middle of film 3 20.00%
future Choice 3:In 3 different parts of film 5 33.33%
New Character Choice 1:Bishop help plan In future 6 40.00%
New Character Choice 2:Polaris helps plan In future 1 6.67%
New Character Choice 3:Forge helps plan In future 4 26.67%
New Character Choice 4:Polaris as new X-man 3 20.00%
Target of Brotherhood assassination plot Choice 1:JFK 4 26.67%
Target of Brotherhood Assassination Plot Choice 2:fictonal politian 7 46.67%
Target of Brotherhood assassination Plot Choice 3:Boliver Trask 2 13.33%
Brotherhood Choice 1:Keep Angel Salvatore and Riptide 7 46.67%
Brotherhood Choice 2:Replace Angel Salvatore and Riptide with Avalance 3 20.00%
Mystique Role choice 1:Sleeps with Azazel after being jealous of Emma 6 40.00%
Mystique Role Choice 2:Undercover as assistant to target of assassination 3 20.00%
Mystique Role Choice 3:Undercover as mistress to target of assassintion 2 13.33%
Mystique role Choice 4:Undercover In government to gather information for Magneto 5 33.33%
Returning characters solely In futurelder Xavier,Older Magneto,Storm,Kitty,and Colossus 5 33.33%
Returing characters solely In futurelder Xavier,older Magneto,Wolverine,Storm,and Iceman 3 20.00%
Returning characters solely In futurelder Xavier,Older Magneto,Wolverine,Kitty,and Iceman 0 0%
Returning characters solely In futurelder Xavier,Older Magneto,wolverine,Colossus,and Iceman 1 6.67%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 15. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Poll:Days of future Past Speculation

I voted for:
Time traveller Bishop, Bishop help plan in future, target of assassination - fictional politician, Brotherhood choice - add Avalanche and Mystique as undercover for the government.

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