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Default Re: ADI Goblin Make up test what Green Goblin was gonna look like

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
I'm not saying that they were right, but I do see where they were coming from.

Things like Spider-Man & Green Goblin's superpowers are covered by the Anthropic Principle. They are central conceits without which, there is no story, so the audience is automatically expected to suspend their disbelief. Mechanical webshooters and an expressive mask, on the other hand, have nothing to do with these conceits, and perhaps might not be covered under that principle. On the other hand, this didn't stop Spider-Man and Green Goblin from wearing elaborate costumes without justification.
Now, I argued the point back in '01 when we first saw the Goblin suit- But as I'd mentioned, Iron Man was the absolute proof of my point. Tony Starrk developed next-level tech in a cave with no resources, when his money couldn't help him. And no one batted an eye. Mission Impossibie 2 had the antagonists creating life masks on the fly and no one cared about that either. So again, in a movie about superhumans, webshooters and expressive masks wouldn't bother the audience. Especialy since the very existance of an expressive mask via Hollywood tech says its possbile.

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