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Default Re: Kurse!

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Well, it's not that hard to argue that the latter Bond films with Pierce weren't exactly the best in quality to say the least.

And plus, continuity has never really played a strong role within most of the films (I know that it has in some of them).

And honestly, back when they were coming out, could people actually say that they were invested in Pierce's Bond in his first film like they were in Roger Moore's one because of how the same character had been shown in several films before then? It took time for each new actor to gain the investment of their generation's audiences.

Plus, I'd hope that the MCU would be more ambitious with the future of their films. Let's say for example, that The Avengers save the galaxy for the first time in the sequel or the third film and that MS really went all out with it. How do they make the stakes bigger? The next film in a franchise should be about how they raise the stakes for these characters..whether it be emotional or physical ones and there's only so far that they can go imho before it treads back into a territory that was covered.

I think the way you should try to look at it is this, people know these characters (or at least they will after a second and third billion dollar Avengers film). They will practically be household names. Like Batman, Spider-Man and James Bond himself. By that time with all the complaints about "ugh another reboot, we've seen uncle ben die/batmans parents die/banner get blasted with gamma rays/etc a hundred times now!" At a certain point, people will know the characters well enough to not need reboots and will prefer recasts.

So I'm not saying they should or shouldnt make these films indefinitely. I'm just saying the general audience will be the deciding factor. It all depends on how many viewers pay for what type of films. We, as comic book fans already know the characters. Iron Man is on the same level as Bond in my eyes. They did the origin story right once, watch RDJ do it if you want to experience it again. I, for one, am all for an indefinite series of films. Heck, didn't Iron Man's original series break 300 issues?

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