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Default Jigsaw (SAW) vs Superheroes

Everyone who is familiar with the franchise knows the Jigsaw Killer, has an idea about his traps for survival, he spies on people and disliking anyone with less appreciation of life

Let's play a game, shall we?
I choose a trap set by Jigsaw, and let us each write how we think each superhero will act in this trap

  • Scenario includes Jigsaw knowing some weaknesses of the certain hero/heroine, he's in the world of that character. Non one knows what he did while he was doing it
  • No other hero intervention, detection, or any of that stuff
  • If he knows certain weakness of a certain hero: "Like carbonadium with Wolverine's healing factor" he uses it
  • Hulk is only allowed if Jigsaw uses something to keep the Hulk in, cause that dude is easy to exit: "Hulk out, HULK SMASH"

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I'll start with this trap from the first movie, the trap with a survivor. Details:
A drug addicted woman was placed in a room with a trap on her mouth, set to break it for her in a certain amount of time. Requirement is she needs to get the key out of the intestines of the corpse near her to unlock the trap within a time limit, problem is, that corpse is a living person

My first choice for this trap is DareDevil, he's the kind who hates killing with passion and that makes him hate Punisher. The key to his survival lies with the kill of a person he senses life in. Not willing to sacrifice another life DareDevil grabs hold of the trap he's in as much as he can, trying not to let it close on his face, but he can't hold it much longer, he dies


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