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Alexei Belyakov
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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
So, because Wolverine works for a crime lord, him watching a woman molest another woman is excusable and in character? This has NOTHING to do with it not being for kids, and everything to do with it being out of character. Wolverine has shown far more chivalry over the years than to allow that to happen. It is simply not Wolverine. You could easily do the Yin/Yang stuff with Wolverine being a violent killer. THAT is very in line with Wolverine as a character, as he is vicious and mercilessly kills. But, this scene showcases an aspect of Logan that was never there before, and it is one I firmly feel Wolverine wouldn't do. Making him get off on lesbian molestation isn't somehow more realistic.

Wolverine doesn't have to be for children, but am I asking too much in asking for a mature film that is actually in line with the moral center his years in comics have firmly made clear? Not just add shock value to "be more mature"
See, that's the thing I've been saying since yesterday. The scene in the train is not there for shock value. Its there to show the ultimate low this broken man has reached. Its not gratuitous or out of character - because his character is fading, through his time with Yukio.

You bring up Wolverine's chivalrous nature from the comics. That aspect of him is very much in the script - just not in that particular portion of it. The second act in general is about his downfall. In the third act he finds Ogun & the training begins. He rises from the darkness back into the light.

This script takes Logan to hell and back. It truly dissects who & what he is at his very core - an animal struggling to be a man. Yukio understands this because she herself is an animal that gets off on watching him kill. She wants to pervert him. To twist him. She gets her way until he throws her out a window.

Its by far the greatest CBM draft I've ever read, and is nothing like Ang Lee's Hulk.

This is Oldboy, Kill Bill & The Deer Hunter thrown in a blender.

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