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Default Re: Justice League: Doom (Tower of Babel)

Originally Posted by Rockbottom View Post
Also is anyone else absolutely sick of Bane constantly been beaten by hitting the venom tube? As soon as I saw the character design for him I knew thats how he was going to go down again.


It's honestly just dumb, and beyond frustrating. You think he would of had them next to impossible to break by now, as it seems his only weakness.

I get that they wanna show he's a superior fighter to batman, and batman can only win by this, but come on!

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Default Re: Justice League: Doom (Tower of Babel)

Watched this a couple weeks ago, did not enjoy it at all. One of the weakest DC Animation films released yet.


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Default Re: Justice League: Doom (Tower of Babel)

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Yeah sometimes but he also does alot of mind blowing **** in the comics as well, I just would like to see him treated with alot more respect in animated films and shows.

Even though it would've been smarter for Supes to use his heat vision on all of those missiles, it still was cool seeing him slug the sh** out of them.

He was quite powerful in this film, so which of these animated films do you think has the more powerful version of Superman?

Superman: Doomsday?

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse?

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies?

Justice League Frontier?

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths?
Which film version you guys think green lantern was the most powerful and which one do think he was the least powerful or shine the least.I know which ones but you guys take a crack at it.

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Default Re: Justice League: Doom (Tower of Babel)

Which storyline was the strongest in justice league doom?

It was clearly green lantern,so they made up for what happen in crisis.This green lantern was a better version than crisis,but what do you guys think?

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Default Re: Justice League: Doom (Tower of Babel)

I agree - Green Lantern was the real highlight for me in this film.

FEAR THE BATMAN - A fanscript for a third Burton Batman film / continuation of Batman Returns. Scarecrow. Black Mask. Sasha Bordeaux. Please read and give feedback.
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Default Re: Justice League: Doom (Tower of Babel)

Saw it a few days back, main plot is basic and overused "Person wanna destroy population" and "stealing data from Batman", but the movie is pretty enjoyable, I think it's my favorite Justice League film

Using Young Justice art style and hiring voice actors from the 90s DC animated universe is awesome awesome fan service, Batman, Superman, Bane, (sadly Metallo is not voiced by McDowell)...

Traps stolen from Batman computer strengthened my view of Jigsaw (SAW film franchise) being inspired by Batman. And the way Bruce escapes his coffin with just a key and a bleeding fist didn't help my view of how he's written the past 12 or so years, dude is literally fan fiction material, he was in some ways my least favorite character in this film


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