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Default Re: Let's share our history with consoles

Atari 7200 - One of my Uncle's had it and gave it to me and my sis as a gift. I loved Joust, Pole Position and Pac-Man.

Nintendo NES - Super Mario 1-3, the Capcom/Disney titles, Dizzy, M.C Kids, the Ninja Turtles games, Tiny Toons, Kirby. An amazing library of games.

SEGA Genesis - Got it for Christmas 1991, came packed with Sonic 1. One of my favorite consoles ever. Sonic, Kid Chameleon, Toejam and Earl, Rocket Knight Adventures, Aladdin, etc. etc. etc.

Super Nintendo - Got it towards the end of the SNES' lifespan. I liked Donkey Kong Country and Mario World, but soon my interest was in the newer 3D consoles, so I didn't buy a lot of games for it.

Nintendo 64 - Another good console, but games were way too expensive, so I wasn't able to buy a lot. I had Mario 64, Mario Kart, Cruisin' USA, Pokemon Snap, and.. that's about it. I rented everything else. It was a cool system, but didn't have good third-party support.

Playstation - Got Christmas 1998. Another one of my favorite consoles.

SEGA Dreamcast - Got on New Year's 2000. My favorite console ever.

Gameboy Advance - Got as a Christmas present, along with a carrying case, magnifier, ac adapter, and two games: Dexter's Laboratory and Wario Land 4 in 2001.

XBox - Got for my 17th Birthday in 2002.

Nintendo GameCube - Got on my 19th Birthday, rented Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes and Mario Sunshine to go along with it.

XBox360 - Picked up one at Gamestop in 2009.

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