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Default Ideas on how to achieve time travel

I've been wondering about how this movie can use time travel without it seeming really, really cheesy and I still have concerns. I don't want them to include a time machine. I also don't think the comics version will work by having a telepath transfer someone's subconsciousness back in time since that character will have to be in both timelines.

Here's and idea I've put together. Everyone join in!

I would have the movie start with a bleak image of the world in the DOFP timeline. We'd then shift focus to a time-jumping mutant... most likely Franklin Richards in a cameo role. He's kind of a trouble-maker and has been evading capture by getting lost in time. We'd see him jumping to different eras and causing a little mischief, but at the same time we'd also see that he knows not to mess with things too much and that each jump doesn't last that long.

We'd then see him jump to the FC era and before we can see what happens he jumps back to the DOFP timeline having witnessed something really bad. Having been completely freaked out by what he saw, he wasn't careful getting back and is ambushed by a Sentinel. The X-Men that are still alive in this timeline take out the Sentinel, but the kid is gravely injured.

Now, have any of you guys read the "Age of X" comics storyline? This would be a great way to bring in Rogue and give Anna (who was really disappointed with her role in X3 and would not likely come back now that she has True Blood) a nice role in the movie. In "Age of X", Rogue was known as the "Reaper" and her role was to collect/remember the memories of dying mutants.

In the movie, she's sent out to "reap" the mutant time-jumper's memories. That's when she discovers the preventable event from the FC timeline. Being older, wiser, and more in control of her powers, she stores the kid's powers and the X-Men rally to jump into action.

What are everyone else's thoughts??

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