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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by Just one more View Post

Armor up Happy Hogan? Seriously? She's not one of his bodyguards, she is his wife. How is her being in physical danger a bad excuse for her getting into armor? It makes so much sense to me that I can't believe you don't get it.

The whole point of Rescue is that she is not armed with any weapns, the suit is designed to protect her. She has saved (rescued) him twice already, almost dying in the process, a protective suit is extremely logical. It's not like the suit is designed to go into battle with Tony, it's designed to protect her and get her away from danger, that's the direction I think they will go.

He obviously builds a lot of suits, there have been what 7 different variations on screen alone, let alone the prototypes we don't see. Are you telling me that it is not reasonable that while making all these suits, he would make one for the woman he loves?
Armour is how we spell it across the pond so no need for the *.

Pepper isn't Stark's wife, she's his girlfriend. But that's not the point. If they go the route of having Rescue being a suit to ship her off to safety that is just going to make people scream and shout about sexism. The Rescue armour, if ever done in the films should have the same goals as the comics. To be a search and rescue armour with no intention of combat. Think back to Iron Man where she was shocked by the bullet holes in the Mark III, the seeds were planted there for her to be against combat to a degree. I'm not saying that they intend for her to be Rescue it's just you could see the ideas behind Rescue in her characterisation.

If they were to do the Rescue armour it needs to be done right. If it was me there are only two ways I'd have it in Iron Man 3.

1. As a cameo in a hall of armours scene. No reference is made it's just there along with other cameo suits.

2. Pepper is injured and she gets an arc reactor in her chest then adapt the scene from the comics where she talks to Tony about the whole thing, you don't see any armour it's just hinted at.

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