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Mr. Dent
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Default Legion (Charle's son) focus of DOFP and Wolverine time frame is setting of the film

So I was thinking over how they would adapt this to film, so I started looking around. First of all, as we all know, Wolverine takes place after all of the previous films. What I haven't seen people really mention or catch on to is that we don't know how much time has past since those previous films. I think when they said that everyone just assumed it would only be a little while after the end of Last Stand, but what if it's a pretty significant jump into the future? We know Wolvering doesn't age, or at least ages very slowly, so even if the movie takes place 10 or 20 years after Last Stand it wouldn't matter, and being a standalone film unrelated to the outside mutant world we'd never know the difference. Now, keeping that in mind, Mark Millar has said that they want Wolverine to act as a launching pad for their future films similar to what Iron Man did for Marvel Studios.

Millar: But the thing is, I felt like ’Iron Man’ was really the beginning of something for the Marvel Studios movies, and ‘The Wolverine’ will be a similar starting point to build a lot off of for the Fox movies.
That's a very peculiar way to describe the film. If you don't know, there's certain phrases and lines that companies use to describe their products, and Millar stating that Wolvering will be for Fox what IM was to Marvel is very telling. I don't think he's talking about in terms of BO success, but actual setting up of the plot. That of course got me thinking how could Wolverine, a film they've described as standalone before and by all accounts should be given what we know about it, set up a new Fox Marvel Universe? That's when I thought about that time gap, if Wolverine were to take place 10-20 years after Last Stand, that would put it in the perfect position to be the setting timeline wise for the future of DOFP. I can see Fox setting it up where Wolverine finds a group of mutants at the end of the film in a post-credit sequence which sets up DOFP for the next year.

As a little side note, I also find it rather interesting that both The Wolverine and DOFP are both based on stories by Chris Claremont that were written in within the same timeframe of 1981-82.

Now, onto Legion. We know that there has to be a time travler for DOFP to work. It wouldn't make sense for someone from FC to travel through time since, well, how would they know about the dystopian future? Furthermore, it wouldn't make sense for either of the two main characters of FC to be the time travelers since Charles is in a wheelchair and why would you have the villain be the protagonist? So the time travler has to come from the future. So who would it be is the question? Would they stick with Kitty Pride like the comics? My answer on that is no because she's just not that relevant to the movie series. Sure, she's been in all the previous films, but most people won't know who the hell she is and she just wouldn't have a big impact on the film as a character. She'd be a weak protag for this film series. So, that got me thinking Wolverine. I also ruled that out because why would they make Wolverine the protagonist of one of the main X-Men films again after proving with FC they can make a successful X-Men film without him being the focus, and he just had his own standalone film the year prior?

So, with those two candidates out, I suddenly remembered Legion, and he makes a lot of sense on several different levels. First of all, unlike Kitty Pride, he'd be relevant to the film series as Charle's son. Professor X has been sort of the anchor to this entire film series behind Wolverine, so having his son as the time travler would fit the film quite nicely from the perspective of how to stay true to the themes of the series. Also as a result of that, Legion would involve the rest of the cast from FC on a personel level that neither Wolverine nor Kitty could match.

Basically, Legion provides a character from the future that can act as an emotional anchor to the characters from the past and is relevant to the overall story arcs of the films while not seeming redundant or being dead, like Jean, Cyclops, and Professor X. Finally, it would explain why Legion got his own comic in the form of X-Men Legacy last month. I was wondering why Marvel would randomly give Legion his own title out of nowhere, but this explain perfectly.

And also, keeping with that Chris Claremont theme I mentioned earlier, Legion was also created by Chris Claremont!

So, what do you guys think?

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