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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
I said....I believe that Bruce quit being Batman because of Rachel's death.

I said there were other reasons beyond that....that made me dislike the movie.

So.....saying that Ralf (or whoever, I have no idea who he is) is STUPID because he thinks that Bruce quit being Batman because of Rachel's saying that ANYONE who has that opinion (which includes me) is stupid.

The whole point of my making my post was to put my opinion, that he and others call stupid, out there. Because others on here have that opinion also, but are afraid of being ganged up on by the rest of you guys.

Too many people on the Hype can not stand hearing someone say something contrary to the popular stand. They consider any deviation from the popular as trolling. You can have an opposite opinion without being a troll.
No offence, but I think you're being a bit oversensitive here. Here's the post that came just before AD's original post:

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Yeah, it's a shame when some people (like Ralph Garman) base their dislike of the movie on that and it's completely false.
Now, granted, it doesn't contain the phrase 'exclusively base their dislike' as I had originally thought, but I think it's pretty clear that BatLobster was referring to people who make the false fact (The Joker had just provided some conclusive evidence in this sense a couple of posts before that, from the actual movie no less) that Bruce retired for 8 years because of Rachel the basis for their dislike of the entire movie. AD's post was a direct response to that.

And while you claim that you still think that Bruce's retirement was caused by Rachel's death, you've also gone on to say that you have other reasons as well, which in my view excludes you from the group they were referring to (the people who hate the movie exclusively for that particular aspect).

I think the people that you're referring to as not being accepting of 'deviations' from popular opinion (which is debatable anyway on SHH, because there are alot of people here who were disappointed by TDKR), extremists if you will, are present on both sides of the fence. Why just a few pages back we had a poster who jumped on another one, accusing him of something he had never directly said. Then again, there are good, sensible posters around here, who are TDKR supporters and with whom you can have a civilised debate (such as BatLobster...and there are many others as well), so I don't think the picture's as bleak as you paint it out to be.

Originally Posted by Chip Chipperson View Post
The Academy Award winning DC Extended Universe

The mouse is dead. Bury it. Consider this mercy.'s Bat Battle:
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