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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Visualiza View Post
I disagree. I don't see how that is categorically different from the same legions of forum members praising Nolan's vision, Bale's performance, Catwoman, Bane, the "epic conclusion", among many, many other things.

I see this type of sentiment often; trying to invalidate criticism by pointing out how repetitive it has been, and I only view it as a poorly thought out way to discredit contrarian opinions, if for no other reason than how hypocritical, and shortsighted it is. We have no problem listening to people gush all day about how awesome our favorite film or character is, but any negativity gets unfairly scrutinized. How much worth do you really get from commentary and discussion that you're in complete agreement with? How do you learn anything? All that post reminds me of is the quintessential "argument disqualifier" that we all hear far too frequently..."Haters gonna hate!"

It kinda hearkens back to what C.Lee has been saying the last few pages, in that we would all be better off with a little less intolerance and a little more civility.

I saw another post that was essentially asking "If you're not here to say nice things about Batman, why do you keep coming back?" I view this as the same fallacy as above, but in a different coat of paint. I would argue that if you're looking for a superhero circle-jerk, then you're also in the wrong place. If you're only after people who completely agree with everything you say, then you may as well be talking to yourself. At the end of the day, we all come here to share opinions and discuss a hobby that's near and dear to all our hearts - comic books, and the media associated with it. Now, we're all set in our ways, and I think I speak for many of us when I say that, in most cases, somebody won't just convince us to like or dislike certain characters, stories, plot points, etc. The idea is pure nonsense, but once in a blue moon...what I can say happens is that I'll get some valuable insight on a subject that I probably wouldn't have stumbled upon on my own. IMO, every time we try to stifle someone's voice, it kills this possibility.

Considering this is a fan community...yes it is very different. You completely miss the point. But whatever.... i dont think you need to worry , you can trash the movie every day. There's room for everybody.

I prefer to dedicate myself to stuff that gives me pleasure. Discuss what i enjoy . You don't. Its your right. I find someone ranting over the same stuff over and over and over in a place where people gather to talk about what they liked....disrespectful. I dont behave like that. You think otherwise. Its also your right.

There is a lot of users here who disked the movie but dont have that sort of behavior (im not telling its you or anything). But there's some guys here who behave in a very negative creepy way.

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