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Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) 20 52.63%
Rogue (Anna Paquin) 17 44.74%
Other 1 2.63%
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Default Re: Rogue or Kitty?

Days of future Past Is big and ambitas film.DOFP Is one of top X-Men storylines ever.Actully adapting a big storyline for comics for a film Is rare.

This Is first time Bryan Singer has both time and money to do a big X-men film.Considering how twight money and schedule was the first 2 X-men turning out as well as they did was amazing.They revived the genre.The first X-men started a rush In hollywood.It payed the way for marvel studios.And some may
forget Kevin feige started relationship with marvel because he worked for Lauren Shueller Donnor.Plus Bryon and new regime at Fox may want to remind
people X-men started the post Batman and Robin comic book revival.Bryan may want to do a film with spectucler to go with films of james Cameron and
Peter jackson.

COuld you Imagne too many studios doing film with DOFP future.X-Men has had more nazi Imargy than Captain America did.Just like I could never see
Disney allowing a star Wars film like Revenge of the Sith to be made.

The Fox sucks and marvel studios Is great cword will like nothing any other studio will do.They need to be Ignored.

Rothman did a lot of damage to franchise with Last Stand.It started off bad when he keep putting off securing a deal for Bryan to do a third film.Brett Ratner alone wasn't the problem with Last Stand although he did nothing to help.

Halle Berry has become a tabloid star and not actresses.Yes she still does films sometimes but they mostly go straight to home video.It won't surprise me If she Isn't In film.But,there Is chance she could be If Bryan and fox decide In the 2 timelines event DOFP Is they might feel they need storm provided she can accept being part of ensemble film.I mself was always disappointed she dismissed her role In X2 as having a better hair and piloting the Jet.Her scenes with nightcrawler and her use of powers against other jets and saving Xavier were better than her so called larger role In last Stand.While I understand some wanted to see Storm fly and Last Stand did that you will never see me saying last Stand did anything better than X2.

I think characters like Nightcrawler,Iceman,and Colossus will be among those already killed by Sentinles.The only way I can see Iceman or Colossus In film Is If Bryan Is forced by Fox to acknowledge the events of Last Stand by not having Cyclops or Jean.And even then I think only 1 of them would make the cut since both require CGI effects and they also have sentinles to do.

we also had reports Bryan directing has increased the intrest of actors from earlier films.

Plus consider Lauren Shueller Donnor's comments from spring of 2011 that they took to fox treatment for X4 and they loved It and It leads to X5.I think It's saf to say that was for DOFP for X4.And It's alwys possable that X5 could mean a future film with just original actors.I don't believe for a second they will try to redo dark phoenix.But,there are defently other Ideas they could use with original actors while contuning to do prequels and also spinoffs like Deadpool,The new Mutants,and X-Force which have all been discussed.

Since Rogue had already been turned Into Kitty Pryde type of films I had always expected her to fill that gap.

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