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Default Re: The SHH 2012 Comic Book Awards - Nominations

Honestly, I forgot about the awards you've been doing. If I'd have remembered those I wouldn't have done this... respect and all.

And I put this hear because it involves all aspects of comics. I put a promotional thread up for it in the Marvel and DC forums but they didn't bring in enough people and a pm to Corp asking to move this to the Marvel forums went unheeded.

If we can get some more nominations I'd be cool with continuing but I don't think it's worth a big awards deal for 7 or 8 people.

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Default Re: The SHH 2012 Comic Book Awards - Nominations

Best Single Issue of 2012

Batman #5 (DC)
Batman #13 (DC)
Hawkeye #3 (Marvel)
The Shadow #2 (Dynamite)
Archer and Armstrong #1 (Valiant)

Best Ongoing Series of 2012

The Shadow (Dynamite)
X-O Manowar (Valiant)
Batman (DC)
Hawkeye (Marvel)
Wonder Woman (DC)
Archer & Armstrong (Valiant)
Bloodshot (Valiant)

Best Mini Series of 2012 (at least half of it must have taken place in 2012)

Before Watchmen: Silk Specter

Best One-Shot of 2012

Batman: Earth One
Superman Annual #1

Best Arc of 2012 (at least half of it must have taken place in 2012)

Batman: The Court of Owls
Swamp Thing/Animal Man: Rotworld
X-O Manowar: By the Sword
The Shadow: The Fire of Creation

Best Writer of 2012

Matt Fraction
Scott Snyder
Garth Ennis
Ed Brubaker
Robert Venditti

Best Artist of 2012

Aaron Campbell
Patrick Zarcher
David Aja
Cary Nord

Best Character of 2012

X-O Manowar
The Shadow

Best Supporting Character of 2012

Pulse (Bloodshot - Valiant)
Kate Bishop (Hawkeye - Marvel)
Damien Wayne (Batman & Robin - DC)
Ninjak (X-O Manowar - Valiant)

Best Villain of 2012

The Joker

Best Company of 2012

Valiant Entertainment

Best Independent Title of 2012

My Friend Dahmer(Derk Backderf)
Parker: The Score (Darwyn Cooke)
Are You My Mother?(Alison Bechdel)
Supercrooks(Mark Millar)


Worst Single Issue of 2012

Iron Man #1 (Marvel)

Worst Ongoing Title of 2012

Deathstroke (DC)

Worst Arc of 2012 (at least half of it must have taken place in 2012)

Biggest WTF Moment of 2012 (things that make you go hmm?!)

The Reveal of Owlman (Batman #11 - DC)

Best Scene of 2012 (single moment in an issue, a panel or a page, etc.)

Naked Hawkeye Leap - Hawkeye #3

X-O Manowar Vs. Ninjak (full battle) - X-O Manowar #6

The Return of the Joker - Batman #13

The Shadow Wins the Greater Game -- The Shadow #6

Will fill in rest later

Best Death Scene of 2012
Ugliest Art of 2012
Worst Writing of 2012
Most Doable of 2012 (that's right... which fictional character would you 'do' if he/she were real?)

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