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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
It would be compelling if they go with that plan and maybe a little emotional when they finally reunite and we see the reason they got split up.

Part of it has them separated for a long time because of the problems created by this and even Wasp hasn`t seen or heard from Pym in a long time.

So Shield`s not so recent mistake that Fury was talking about cost them a couple good heroes. And heroes are how you win battles. Not soldiers.
Not soldiers anymore, like Mandarin thinks they are.

if they did go forward with a lot of the stuff I learned at the conceptual stage I`ll know for sure as we get more information and that allows me to kind of narrow things down. Right now i would say I`m only at about 50-50 on the likelihood that the Ultron scenario plays out in this movie. At this point I`m as sure as i can be without seeing the film that she is Wasp. So that`s the only reason the whole Ultron thing seems possible. It really could be there`s no Ultron and mandarin simply utilizes AIM technology. But i think if you can include Ultron you should.

I can almost guarantee that an Avengers sequel with Ultron, Vision and Thanos would make even more money than the first. If planned right the third movie can be big too, with either masters or infinity gauntlet. Alternatively if they`re set on doing the gauntlet and saving Thanos by that time, then CA3 becomes a masters of evil type movie and many of caps allies in Winter Soldier help him deal with this major problem led by a returning Red Skull. You`ve gotta have someone else for the other characters to fight along the way so it`s not all Thanos all the time. And Thanos could only be engaged in direct combat with a few characters. So the remnants of the defeated Ultron network + Vision turning good would help shift the balance in the end. some of the characters can be busy dealing with Ultron while the heavy hitters take turns against what Thanos has in store.
what makes you assume or where have you heard that Janet and Hank are separated... ?? you keep referring to this, but i have absolutely no clue why

and ultron isn't possible without pym... Janet doesn't need to be connected at all.. so just because Jan may appear... doesn't mean ultron will ...

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