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Default Phase II and the UK

So, since GOTG will shoot in England I ask myself if that might have a reason other than the big Bond stages at Shepperton.

Thor 2 filmed there too and used various locations that actually seem relevant for T:TDW's plot. Now GOTG will film in England too and since the first Cap movie was shot there too there is a very high possibility that the sequel might return. And let's not forget that Ant-Men will also certainly be shot in England.

But is there a bigger reason behind that (just like with T:TDW)? Could the locations visited in T:TDW be for Phase II what Tonsberg, Norway was for Phase I? Is it possible that Shepperton is not only used for economic reasons but that a place in England has a very important role in the MCU that we just don't know yet?

Of course, right now this is all insane speculation and I agree with everybody who believes that this is all very unlikely. But what else do we have to sepculate about for Phase II that hasn't been discussed to death already or is even more unlikely *cough* Wasp *cough* ? So let's have some fun with this and see where this will get us.

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