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Default The Importance Of Shield

You know having Shield in the Avengers makes life so much easier for Marvel.
Although I personally think they won't see the potential.

For instance as they were walking down the halls they could have had
Fury as he was showing then around talk to them about their advancements in Science.

They could have even introduced Pym at one point as a Scientist with his assistant and wife Janet.He could talk about how they are working on Nano Bot Technology Or Insects.
Feeling like Superheros raised the stakes as he said in the Movie.
They have to do all research they could have even given a nod to Spider man without worrying about Copyrights issue indirectly as they say they found out there was a boy sticking to walls.

Then they could have talked about these prototype Machines/Robots they were working before to Avengers to help even the Odds with Super powered villains Ego Early Ultron.
You could say Stark was working on it before the Avenge Initiative or as an Alternative to it.
That ties it right up to the end of the Iron Man movie.
Later Pym takes this prototype and perfect it without the Avengers knowing something Fury does as a Backup in case the Avengers ever get out of hand but unfortunetly it backfires.
I believe there was an Iron Man story Arc.Where Stark does that with different Armors that look like Thor and such.

Then he could have gone on to talk about how Shield was all over the world in Wakanda,(A.K.A.Panther,A.K.A. Alpha Flight)Canada where all types of weird sightings have been happening.Or where they have sanctions provided by the several other Governments or Countries.They have studies in a Tebet in a Buddhist temple of a man that turn his fist into iron.
Take them downstairs and introduce them to the man you are sending on that mission to get information The shield Martial Arts hand to hand combat Master Shang Chi.
Introduce Experiments they have been working on with little success Super Soldier or enhanced strength with little success except for one person in particular who disappeared an ex convict name Luke Cage.

Let me introduce you to our weapons specialist Mark Specter.
HE works on all these Gadgets and weapon if not mention him as one of there mercenaries,or Stark could mention as one of his competitors.
Billionaire weapons producer.
Get it A.K.A Moon knight who to me is like Marvel Batman.
Get the picture pick one.

Marvel has a plethora of opportunities by having tied in Shield that even DC does not have for the benefit of their movies I hope they utilize this.
Maybe that's what the T.V. show will based on but it sure would have been nice to see them do some of this in the Avengers so that other Avengers can tie in easy.
I know I would have loved to see Pym.
AS a nod to him as an original Avenger even just a cameo as a Scientist.

What do you guys think???

Every day is new beggining.
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