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Fanboy rivalry? Yawn.
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Default Re: Who should Write MOS 2?

Ok if you're not a fan of Goyer, byt anyone but? Yeah, let's bring in some hack writing team that has no real care or love for the material itself. Brancato and Ferris maybe?

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Default Re: Who should Write MOS 2?

Damon Lindelof. Just kidding.

If MOS is successful, I can image that WB will hire the same writing team, principally Goyer. MOS is really Goyer's baby (both story & screenplay), Nolan just furnished it with some of his story ideas, hence his writing credit in addition to being a producer.

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Default Re: Who should Write MOS 2?

Originally Posted by 747 View Post
Story by D. Goyer and C. Nolan

Script by D. Goyer and J. Nolan

I wish!

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Old 08-11-2013, 06:28 AM   #29
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Default Re: Who should Write MOS 2?

Loved MOS, Goyer and Nolan nailed it ! But, I agree with the guy who
said it should be Chris Nolan and Jonah Nolan who pen the sequel

We're not talking Batman vs Superman here, because I don't see that
as an MOS sequel.

BM v SM is like the Avengers (remember how Thor got 1 movie to set
up the character, then showed up to lay down the hammer in Avengers?)

but MOS 2 is a different film, and I reckon to really make it work
it has to be 20% Goyer, 40% Chris Nolan and 40 % Jonah Nolan (apparently
he goes by Jonah). That's the genius team behind TDK, which was a big
step up from the highly respectable Batman Begins.

So, yup, keep a little Goyer, but plug in a ton of Nolan !

Here's why. Goyer writes action, but Nolan give characters heart and
an arc ( look at Inception, one of the best examples of character arc

Okay, that's my 2c, Peace people, looking forward to MOS 2.

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Default Re: Who should Write MOS 2?

I was terrified frankly with Nolan's involvement with MOS so I'd rather it stay as it is a little but not much input. I really enjoyed Batman begins but TDK was my 2nd least favorite aaa class Superhero flick.

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Hank Pym > Scott Lang
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Default Re: Who should Write MOS 2?

Anyone but Goyer.

*I will forgive the writers of Man of Steel, if Superman is the Enlightened Sun God he is supposed to be, in Superman vs. Batman. Quite simply, Superman does not kill. The writers of MOS failed to grasp this, to this film's detriment.
Favorite CBMs: 1) X2 2) The Avengers 3) CA:TWS 4) Watchmen 5) Batman: MOTP 6) The Dark Knight Rises 7) Thor: TDW 8) TASM 9) IM3 10) S/B: Apocalypse
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