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Default Re: Comic Art you HATE - Part 1

Broken link. What is it?

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Default Re: Comic Art you HATE - Part 1

Frank Quietly's art on anything. His art is chucky and fat. I wanna throw up everytime I see it.

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Default Re: Comic Art you HATE - Part 1

Originally Posted by powerbomb1411 View Post
Have you shown him the gifs proving he's a hack showing where he stole the material from?
I've seen gifs showing him stealing from HIS OWN work.

It's a disgrace how this guy still gets work.

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Default Re: Comic Art you HATE - Part 1

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Broken link. What is it?
Liefeld's Hawk and Dove


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Default Re: Comic Art you HATE - Part 1

I really hate that cover to the last issue of Uncanny they just put up. I won't put up a picture because I want to remember the good times of art on the books. Not only is Marvel ending my favorite ongoing title, it ends it with that art!

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Default Re: Comic Art you HATE - Part 1

I don't really like Frank Cho's art. Its so western looking and his line work is all thick flat and boring. All of it is centered around females with plump bodies and the same face. Oh look at me I can draw from reference...I honestly don't know why he has so many awards. Its not that good...Its the type of art that drew me away from comics. I prefer the quasi-manga/ western look of artists like Francis Manapul. There is just so much more life to that sort of comic art. Jim Lee's art for example is a perfect model of good comic book art. Unlike Frank Cho. Although Frank isn't as bad as Liefeld the man who never learned how to draw feet. You'd think he would have learned to draw guns at least. its not that hard.

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Default Re: Comic Art you HATE - Part 1

I hate John Romita Jr in Avengers, but his Kick Ass and Spider-Man stuff is good.

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Default Re: Comic Art you HATE - Part 1

@Chris Wallace
It's also not humanly possible to move when anchored by both arms. But again, we have THIS guy to thank for that.

It always amused me when Todd McFarlane bashers point to what is "humanly impossible". It's equivalent to the common belief, “bees shouldn’t be able to fly”, or an aerodynamicist saying, "the stealth bomber shouldn't be able to fly". Neither Archangel nor Katar Hol should be able to fly; add Vulture and Killer Moth to the realistically improbable.

In Jimbo Salgado's version of Archangel, three sets of wings are required; in Jim Lee's drawing, he's shot like an arrow; Steve Lieber Hawkman is flapping his arms instead of his wings; Graham Nolan's Hawkman is missing the kite string; Ditko's Spiderman obviously was dropped from a Helicarrier (he coulda used some of McFarlane's webs, it would seem), or maybe his armpit webs are wings; Killer Moth belongs in a kindergarten play; (err, wrong Bumblebee) but, he was a VW bug and his chest (top) is flat; wingsuit designed for humanoid flight (shockingly, no hero looks like this... Banshee in the movie perhaps).

Maybe I can hate on these artists on those grounds. IMO, comics are about suspending belief; I would think it makes McFarlane one of the better artists at allowing us to do so. In the 80's, McFarlane's covers caught your eye on the shelf. Love him or hate him.

Moreover, if humans couldn't do this, there would be no Cirque du Soleil.

So obviously, it's not a stretch that McFarlane's Spidey can.

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