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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, Fiscal Cliff, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
I honestly do not see how people live in California or New York these days and make it....I have several friends that teach in New York, and they absolutely love it, but they can't afford to live there anymore, and they are SINGLE, no kids, nothing.... just sad.
It's been interesting living in southern California for 30 plus years. I loved living here when I was younger because of the weather, the beaches, being close to Disneyland, and the people were generally nice. My parents taught me the basic important principles of hard work, respecting authority, having a positive attitude, and preparing for my future. I'm a stubborn and rebellious individual by nature but, I learned these ideas and putting them into action has given me decent economic success in corporate america.

Unfortunately, the success I've achieved is incremental. After graduating from college with a physical science degree I had to live at home with my parents for a while to accumulate enough money to buy a car and a condo. In-spite of the money I saved and earned there was never enough cash to keep me stable financially. I was always either breaking even or in the red with my debt issues. All of the companies I previously worked for grossly underpaid me below market value until I finally, got enough experience in the health care industry to get a better job. Fortunately, the marriage to my wife also helped to temporarily solve the financial issues since she makes good money as an optician. I think we'll be okay after our baby is born but, I'm concerned about my child's future in this state.

I'm not happy living here any longer for a variety of reasons. The cost of living is too expensive, the air quality is getting worse, high gas prices, and the traffic is intolerable. The politics locally and state wide are crap, while the influence Hollywood has on elections is nauseating, and there seems to be an exponential rise in the number of lazy snobbish people living here that crosses all ethnic groups, age groups, and economic status.

Politically there is no two party system here anymore. The democratic party has had control of the state legislature for decades and this has done wonders for our bankrupt economy. Now they have a super majority strangled hold and can pretty much pass whatever laws they want without any opposition. These politicians might be the most corrupt and immoral ones in the nation. They're never concerned about balancing the budget, fixing the statewide business exodus problem, or protecting the rights of citizens.

They're more concerned about the financial future and unlicensed driving rights of illegal immigrants through passage of the Dream Act and AB 353. One bill gives free scholarships to illegal immigrants while the other protects unlicensed drivers(statically illegal immigrants) from having their cars impounded. Thank you Gov. Jerry Brown for helping prevent hundreds of thousands of well qualified high school graduates from furthering their educational dreams. Also, thanks for increasing the chances of a close friend, acquaintance, or family member of getting killed by any unlicensed driver who statistically are more often than not illegal immigrants. Finally, Jerry Brown thank you for signing Prop 30(The largest sales and income tax in state history) and at the same time giving Hollywood tax credits for five years. Apparently there are no bounds to your hypocrisy.

So now are main exports are small businesses, corporate businesses, rich people(Tiger Woods already left and Phil Nicholson will eventually), sports franchises(Sacramento Kings). Are main imports will be illegal immigrants and aspiring actors/actresses from all other states. In the future I see the small and corporate business exodus continuing with the middle class vanishing. Sooner or later the only businesses operating here will be casinos, medical marijuana stations, and the porn industry(Measure B might convince this industry to leave as well).Then all this state will need is an enormous earthquake for it's residents to experience something similar to a real life Escape from LA adventure. Everyone likes adventure.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. No one bothered to give Tom Rothman the memo.

CBM hack list:

Mark Steven Johnson, Paul WS Anderson, Brett Ratner, Joel Schumacher, Kenneth Johnson, Rob Bowman, Zak Penn, Simon Kinberg, Avi Arad, Pitoff, John Rogers, and Tim Story.

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