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Default Re: Taken 2

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Luc Besson seems to always switch up directors for sequels to movies he produces. Yuen wasn't on Transporter 2 (Not sure how Transporter 1 worked with Yuen/Leterrier). Transporter 3 was Megaton.

It's weird how Morel was sort of like the new hot director in town after Taken. Then it's like nothing. I think he was attached to the Dune remake at one point but that didn't get off the ground either.

Also the movie is enjoyable but it's still stupid as hell. Maggie Grace is like freaking 30 now, how is she still playing a teenager?
Wow I didn't know the girl playing Liam's daughter was close to 30! She's older than me, I am 24 lol. I mean she still looks like a teen but jeesh it's time for her to move on from teen roles.

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Default Re: Taken 2

Do we really need a 3rd Taken film. Where were all these people who went to see Taken 2 when Dredd was out??

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Default Re: Taken 2

Seth Macfarlane performs Taken as Kermit the Frog. Starts at 3:13.

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Default Re: Taken 2

Originally Posted by Dave_ATC View Post
The Taken franchise is now heading in the exact direction as The Hangover franchise.

Awesome first movie - exact same second movie - third film promises to be completely different.
Taken 2 is nothing like the first. They should have kept director of the first movie.

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Default Re: Taken 2

Taken 2 makes $218,809,000 worldwide total

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
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Default Re: Taken 2

Well, I was finally able to see this movie and I can't add much more than what has already been said about it. It was kind of fun (badass Liam is always fun), but it was a pretty dumb movie.

Unfortunately, the worst parts were the action scenes (not a good thing for an action movie). I was admittedly drinking, but damn, I could not follow the action sequences. Shaking cams usually don't bother me, but add in extremely tight shots and horrible editing and I might as well have closed my eyes during the fights.

It was fun, I guess. I'm glad I didn't rush out to see it in the theaters, though.

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Default Re: Taken 2

There were so many laughably bad moments. One in particular was the decision to barrel through the U.S. embassy barrier in their car, thus causing themselves to be shot at by the U.S. military's high caliber machine guns. This was unnecessary because a) no one was chasing them anymore and b) even if they were, the U.S. soldiers would have shot at a black vehicle full of goons shooting toward their base, so they would have still been covered.

And that's only one stupid scene in a film full of them.

Originally Posted by Arrow_22 View Post
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Default Re: Taken 2

That was a "good" bad moment, very laughable.

In order to enjoy this movie, turning off your brain is a good start. Trying to figure out some of scenes and logic is near impossible.

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