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Kirk Langstrom
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Default Re: Mantis? Bug? Quasar? Cosmo? Yes? No?

Definitely Warlock.

Wouldn't mind Mantis and Moon Dragon for a sequel.

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Default Re: Mantis? Bug? Quasar? Cosmo? Yes? No?

Wouldn't mind moon dragon.No to mantis. bug, and fricken cosmo. I hate cosmo and rocket

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Default Re: Mantis? Bug? Quasar? Cosmo? Yes? No?

I think they've pretty much settled on a Star Lord-Drax-Gamora-Groot-Rocket roster for the first one... with possibly a cameo/reference to Warlock and *maybe* Nova via the Corps.

I think Warlock absolutely needs to be a central character in the second movie. Nova as well, but to a slightly lesser extent. General audiences might see Quasar as slightly redundant to Nova.

No on Cosmo. Interestingly, I've always hated Cosmo, but loved Rocket.

Could easily do without Bug.

Yay on Mantis though... we DO need a good telepath, after all.

I'm kind of torn on Moondragon. Don't get me wrong, I love the character, but I don't think she can be quickly introduced via half measures. So, Marvel might need to take a decision as to whether to fully explore and lend texture to Warlock's back story or Moondragon's. Save her for GOTG 3? I dunno, I'm getting ahead of myself.

What was the original question? One additional character to sneak into the upcoming GOTG movie? The Warlock, it is.

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Snow Wifey
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Default Re: Mantis? Bug? Quasar? Cosmo? Yes? No?

I definitely want Adam Warlock in the sequel if not a cameo in the first. Yes, to eventually including Phyla, Nova, and Mantis.

Hell I want Warlock to have his own solo film series. But, while that won't happen, he is essential to Thanos mythos.

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Default Re: Mantis? Bug? Quasar? Cosmo? Yes? No?

I can see including Mantis' character in a supporting role, as a counselor and/or Cortex operator who doesn't go out in the field with the main team, but stays behind as their public interface with the rest of the station. Sort of merge her initial (non-field agent) role with some of Cosmo's duties (like operating the Cortex) -- having two stay-at-home telepaths around seems a bit redundant.

Whether Peter has her telepathically nudge the others into joining... I don't know.

(Caveat: I've only read the first 20 issues or so of GotG -- I don't know most of the more-involved histories of these pre-established characters)

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