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Default Re: The New 52 - eh....

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Action Comics has been pretty entertaining. Morrison's doing very interesting stuff in very interesting ways there. But that's about to end soon, and with it my New 52 Superman interest. The actual character has changed for the worse to me. Most have with the New 52, to be honest. A few of the remaining titles I read have already been canceled and the quality of Snyder's Batman has been drooping lately.

Basically, in another few months, I'll only be reading Swamp Thing and Animal Man from the main DC universe, and if those continue to meander around with this Rot stuff, I'm gonna lose interest in them too. It was an interesting idea for a while, but we're nearing 2 years of it nonstop, a good third of which was in its own little Rotworld pocket reality. Enough already.
A whole new creative team is taking over on Swamp thing in April. The writer has said he plans on doing a lot of shorter arcs and self contained stories with swamp thing. We can only hope.

Originally Posted by James View Post
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Default Re: The New 52 - eh....

That'll be nice. Assuming the new creative team is actually good. That's been more the exception rather than the rule with DC's creative shake-ups lately.

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