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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Originally Posted by Brain Damage View Post
A fact that greatly saddens me. It seems, rather than cut whole scenes out, Nolan opted to cut out little bits from almost every scene. The result, as you said, is a distinct lack of breathing room.

I still haven't forgiven him for the things he cut out of the scene where Alfred confesses about the letter
He didn't cut that much out between the Bruce/Alfred dialogue. The part where Alfred talks about how he failed Bruce's parents with trusting him to Alfred, Bruce kept saying "You lied!" about Alfred bringing up Rachel chose Dent, which...that didn't seem like something Bruce should have said anyways as the scene had a very quiet tone with these two going back and forth. If Bruce had actually said something better without yelling, then Alfred's line should have stayed.

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
I expected Bane and Selina to have a few scenes together. This could have happened if the second act was restructured. Selina was extremely non-existent there.
I agree that Selina should've received more time during the second act, but not with Bane, imo. Selina makes her "peace" by evening things out where the League won't go after her anymore, so she wasn't needed anymore while Bane just sat back and waited for the end of it all. But I do like that he did takes time to watch the "court proceedings" as well as taking out the Special Forces members.

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Dude, while I love those scenes with Bruce and Alfred, the scenes where Bruce puts the leg brace on
The only thing missing out on that was Bruce putting the brace on the other leg to calculate the good leg's muscles and what have you so it could fix his bad leg(as mentioned by Bruce to Alfred when he tells Bruce he put it on the wrong leg, lol). While a nice explanation, that would've add more to Nolan just having exposition dialogue for the hell of it.

I remember a few lines that were cut out - Bruce mentioning he failed as Bruce and Alfred replying with you can afford to fail as Bruce Wayne, but as Batman you can't afford to.
I don't remember this. Is it in the script?

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