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Default Re: Ant-Man Casting Thread

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I really wish they would come out and tell us some sort of plot synopsis for this movie, My hype for this movie is so torn between if they do the "to steal an ant-man" storyline or not. And I also do not want it to be set in the past&present like a lot of people assume even though that snippet of info is like 6 years old.

I'm cool with Lang and the to steal an ant-man story involved, but I do not in any way, shape, or form want the movie to be about him. I want it to be about Hank and Janet. I imagine a good movie adaption could be like the A:EMH episode where they touched on "tsaam" where Lang worked where Pym worked, stole the suit and was using it to get money for his kidnapped/sick daughter (can't rememeber which it was lol) Then use that storyline where AIM has her kidnapped, thus connecting the AIM thread we will almost for sure being seeing over Phase 2 and then gives Hank a real enemy to face (AIM) once he settles the disputes with Lang stealing his stuff. Heck, Lang can even help somehow in the final battle, but then I want him to go away back to his life with his family and not a main MCU character.

I also think Phase 2 ends w/ Ant-man, not Avengers 2..

*I know this isn't the best thread to post all this in but it seems to be the most active lol so sorry, carry on..*
I'm okay with there being a "trinity" --- Lang as Ant-Man, Janet as Wasp, and Hank as Giant-Man.

I'm even okay with Hank and Lang being from separate generations, as the original script intended.

Or: I'm okay with this movie being solely about Hank as the title character, and Janet as Wasp.

The two things I am *not* okay with, ever, is for Wasp to be absent from this film, and for the Pyms not to join the Avengers by *at least* TA3. (Prefer at least a cameo in TA2, as the leads for this film should already be cast by then, and shooting should have already started.)


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