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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
The serious atmosphere of the movies didn't make any of the other Nolan villains nearly as creepy as Joker. Not even Scarecrow. Heath's Joker was naturally menacing and creepy. He made Nicholson look like a boy scout.
Well, I guess this is quite subjective and I don't agree with that.

Which is something the Joker is proud of in the comics and flaunts it.

I guess this is different, too. It seems to me that Ledger's Joker is simply a disturbed guy who feels bad deep inside and wants to fix this by trying to prove something. Nicholson's Jack Napier starts out as an insecure guy who is then transformed into someone who doesn't care anymore.

(I never had a problem with Nicholson's Joker being a criminal before. The Red Hood was a criminal and even in the first Joker story he's taking revenge on a cop who brought him into jail so I guess it makes sense)

He advertised his smilex product on TV. Heath's Joker had plenty of casual moments. The way he casually shoots the bus driver in the bank, the Cop guarding Dent, the traffic Cop outside his truck etc.

One of the best parts about him.
Within the 80s context I think "The Killing Joke" was pretty much out-of-character for the Joker. I never understood why he is suddenly out there, getting melancholic and trying to prove that he isn't that bad.

(On a side not, Death In The Family features the blandest Joker characterization ever)

Not insecure. Just proving a point. There's a difference.
Well, probably proving a point to make himself feel better. At least what it seems like to me. We don't know.

Lets see:

- Grissom
- The two mob guys
- Two models
- TV newscaster
- Six reported deaths on the news (then Batman foils his smilex scheme)
- A few people at the parade (can't have been many because they were all still swarming around his float after Batman took the balloons away, and you don't see any corpses in the street)
- Bob

Heath's Joker killed his henchmen in the bank robbery, Gambol's henchman, Gambol, the Chechen, the copycat Batman, the two "Harvey Dent" Cops, Commissioner Loeb, Judge Surillo, the traffic Cop, X number of Cops in the big chase (Cop cars, helicopter etc), X number of Cops with his fat crazy henchman with the cell phone in his stomach and the two paramedics in the Police Station explosion, Lau, the two Cops guarding Dent in the hospital.
I guess there are a few more kills to Nicholson, depends on if they were really killed or not.

Bottom line: I am not the biggest Ledger fan, I also don't like "The Dark Knight" anymore. No one is going to convince me otherwise.

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