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mr. peasant
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Default Games You Want To See Adapted

Bored. So I thought I'd open a thread on this topic. With the (relatively) recent trend of movies and TV shows adapting IPs from other mediums (e.g. books, comics, old movies, old TV shows, etc) coupled with the increasing public acceptance/consumption of video games and video game culture, it's only a matter of time before movies and TV shows revisit the medium again; and with the former, to do it right.

Indeed, in the past, we had shows such as the two Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons, Super Mario Bros, and Zelda which were all fairly successful in their own right. And while movie adaptations of video games have been at best spotty in the past, we are potentially seeing the beginning forays into it again with stuff like Wreck-It Ralph; as well as how adaptations for franchises like Halo, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed are being kicked around in the news and in Hollywood conference rooms.

As such, what video games do you think could be well adapted? What games would you like to see get adapted? And in what medium?

Seeing as I brought up this topic, I think I should at the very least start the ball rolling. I have a few that I think could work great:

Dishonored: As a straight adaptation into a live-action, summer action movie. The plot is simple enough that it could be condensed into movie length. Likewise, the steampunk setting and mystical elements combined make for a unique world and impressive visuals.

League of Legends: I think the concept and character designs would work great as a traditional animated series. Perhaps done in a somewhat anime-style a la Avatar: The Last Airbender. Especially given the art style seen in the promo art. Moreover, the tons and tons of characters would provide ready content and (recurring and non-recurring) antagonists for many seasons.

Guns of Icarus: This might be a surprise choice since the game isn't even out yet and its original went largely unnoticed. However, I completely adore the setting and would love to see it loosely adapted into a live-action TV series. Just the visuals and imagery, really. Imagine a steampunk Firefly featuring airships and pirates.

P.S.: On a side note, try to keep discussion on franchises like Halo, Assassin's Creed and Tomb Raider to a minimum since those have been pretty much talked to death previously in an assortment of threads throughout the forum. Instead, let's talk about the ones we and Hollywood hadn't really thought about before.

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Default Re: Games You Want To See Adapted

Team Fortress 2 would make an excellent animated series.

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Default Re: Games You Want To See Adapted

I truly believe that TES could make an awesome series, ala GOT. 12 episodes per season, each season would be a different chapter of the franchise.

If well adapted, a Crysis trilogy could be really nice. The fast-paced action of films like Judge Dredd, with the aproaching of Predator 1 and 2.

Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 (I personally hate the nonsense that is D3, its worst than stepping on crap with your bare foot) could make a good animated series. More story-driven and horror style scene, ambiguity and impossible choices, without an over the top violence.

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Default Re: Games You Want To See Adapted

Mass Effect would make for a great tv series

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Default Re: Games You Want To See Adapted

I like some video game movies and animated shows, don't feel like suggesting ones to adapt though


It will come, be sure of that

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