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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 5


How are you preparing for Season 2 now?

AMELL: Gosh, we just wrapped Season 1, like 45 minutes ago! I’m going to go away to relax. I’m not necessarily tired at a superficial level. I’ve been getting decent amounts of sleep. I had two days off, during the finale. And I had a couple of days where I was just in a big scene, not all the big scenes. But, I think I’m structurally tried. I need to unwind a little bit. When it comes time for Season 2, I just know that, even if it’s a bigger season, which it will be, and it’s more physically demanding, which it will be, and it’s more fast-paced, which it will be, it will never be as hard as Season 1. The producers did a really good job this year, molding the rest of our cast into people that can carry episodes at a time. I don’t think any part of the fan base would complain, if all of a sudden, we announced that we were going to have a Diggle-centric episode. I think people would be legitimately excited. David [Ramsey] has earned the right for that, and I hope he gets it. And I don’t even want to single him out. So, I would like to think that Season 2 will be a little bit more like the finale of Season 1, where so many people have important storylines and so many things are coming to fruition that, while I am busy, it won’t be non-stop.

Where will the Arrow cave trio be left, at the end of this season?

AMELL: By the time we get to the finale, we get to see Diggle, Felicity and Oliver as a fully functioning, no hierarchy, all in it for each other team. It took Oliver five years to turn into what he was when he showed up in the pilot episode. And the producers have always said that, as much as fans want to see Katie [Cassidy] put on fishnets and immediately turn into Black Canary, that would disservice what we tried to prove with Oliver’s storyline. It takes time. So, we’re getting to see these characters evolve. With Diggle and Felicity being privy to this world, we’re going to continue to see them become more and more capable.

Do you feel like there’s no hierarchy with the island storyline as well, by the end of the season?

AMELL: There is a lot of synchronicity between Shado, Slade and Oliver, and Diggle, Felicity and Oliver.

In the middle of the season, Oliver had it out with his mom, but then things settled down between them. How will her involvement with The Undertaking become an issue?

AMELL: At the end of Episode 14, Oliver said specifically, “We don’t know what The Undertaking is, and until we do, she is off limits.” We’re going to find out what The Undertaking is soon, and if she’s involved, it’s not going to just go quietly into the night. So much of the season has just been people with facades. There’s the one that Oliver puts up for his family, the one that Moira puts up for her family, and the one that Malcolm puts up for Tommy. All of those, towards the last two episodes, just melt away because danger is so perilously close. So, we get to see characters interacting in a way that they haven’t, all season.

Do you think Oliver will move out of his mom’s house, anytime soon?

AMELL: God, I hope so! Even if the season ends with them skipping down the yellow brick road together, and they’re happy-go-lucky, he’s 30 years old and needs to get his own apartment.

There are various possibilities for who could be Arrow’s sidekick. Is there any chance it could end up being both Thea and Roy, and just having a big team of people helping him out?

AMELL: Of course! Things just continue to get bigger and bigger. Before the start of the second episode, you’d be wondering if Oliver would let anyone know his secret. Now, he’s let 5 people know. One of them didn’t survive, so there are four people that exist in the world, right now, who know his secret, let alone people that may be lurking around from the island, that know what he’s been up to. I don’t think it would be responsible to have any sort of cap on the size of the team that he will use or might need.

Will viewers see any more heroes that might be out there?

AMELL: There is a wonderful tease at the beginning of the finale, with respect to origins that Oliver has, that we don’t know about yet, that have happened after the conclusion of Season 1 on the island and certainly before the beginning of the pilot. It’s some really cool stuff.

How much of a cliffhanger will there be in the season finale?

AMELL: Please let people know that Episode 22 is not our season finale. There is enough in Episode 22, both in the present and on the island, that you could just say, “Okay, that’s it! I need a break until October.” The totality of the island sequences in the season finale, the final scene of the season and the penultimate showdown, however that happens, were shot in the last three days. And the cliffhanger is significant.

Is there a chance that not everyone will come our of Season 1 alive?

AMELL: There’s always a chance. It is Season 1. Really crazy stuff is happening, and no one is ever safe.

Will viewers be left to ponder anyone’s fate, over the summer?


Arrow airs on Wednesday nights on The CW. Click here for all our past coverage.

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