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Default George Lucas > Kathleen Kennedy > Disney = Genius Plan?

I am sure this has been touched upon in the various sections and threads here in the Star Wars section. Since news is slow, I thought I would gauge everyone's opinion. Anyone think the whole sale of LucasFilm to Disney is a longer term genius plan by George Lucas?

The factual chronological chain of events will probably never be known but:

-Lucas starts work on a sequel trilogy

-Lucas "decides" to retire and hires Kathleen Kennedy

-Lucas sells LucasFilm to Disney

-Kathleen Kennedy is rumored to be a top contender to be the next Disney CEO

If it plays out that way...Genius!

Lucas get his 4 billion and would/could essentially still maintain control of his company (via Kennedy as CEO of Disney).

It is one thing to be worth 4 billion. It is another to cash out and have 4 billion. Lucas, himself, would never be a contender to head Disney. Kathleen Kennedy is. Genius hire. Recent articles quoting Kennedy shed light that the cancellation of The Clone Wars and the downsizing of employees were more of an internal decision than a Disney one.

All of the above is a long shot but not unthinkable. Especially considering Eisner's relationship with both Lucas and Kennedy.

So basically the theory being George Lucas sold LucasFilm to Disney knowing his successor (Kennedy) would end up as CEO of Disney therefor he (and her) would ultimately still control LucasFilm.

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Default Re: George Lucas > Kathleen Kennedy > Disney = Genius Plan?

Ehhh I don't know if this was all "part of a plan".

That and GL does not have control over Lucasfilm, he owns a big chunk of the private stock still but Disney owns more. Iger said in an article a while back that all decisions are Disney's and not his (they told GL this and made sure he understood that from the sounds of the article).

But it may be interesting, I just don't think it was the planned out to have her take over. Maybe I don't know the politics behind it but a long shot in my eyes.

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