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Default Re: How will Iron Man return in the Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by REPULSIVE BLAST View Post
REALLLY? so then that DOES make the ending of IM3 just complete an utter ******** and stupidly written,that was the ONLY explanation omg so its actually laughable now the way he just cured Pepper and finally had his chest reactor removed IF he didn't master the extremis himself and have a new reason for his heart and its surroundings healing! OH Black you ego maniac fool do did it again

At the end of the movie, he has Dr. Wu remove the Extremis technovirus from Pepper. "Then I thought, why stop there?" So he also has Dr. Wu remove the shrapnel and arc reactor from his heart, and make him a real human being again.

That doesn't stop him from being Iron Man. Far from it; and he says so: "I am Iron Man." He can still build suits, and they don't need to be internally powered by his heart or even an arc reactor. And he can *perfect* Extremis, because that's exactly what he did, virtually unknowingly, in a scribble on the back of his nametag at the NYE99 party. That's the thing that Maya Hansen discovered, and was coming to Tony for help with.

So the ending of IM3 sets up that he's no longer shackled by the physical limitations of his previous suits, and that he's able to fix Extremis to the point that it's no longer dangerous to its user. So again: it's natural to assume that will lead him to create the Extremis armor in the interim between IM3 and TA2.


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