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Default Re: Ideas for opening the film

Originally Posted by obin_gam View Post
It should start with a debriefing scene, like in the comics. A cold opening where each person sitting in a chair talking to the camera while their name and rank is displayed.

Marvel and Disney logos
Fade to black
Cut to
Quill: Well, I don't know where to start--
Cut to
Gamora: I told them it wasn't going to end well--
Cut to
Rocket: First of all, let me get it on record I had it under control until that bloody--
Cut to
Drax: I did it because no one else would--
Cut to
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Cut to
Stark: I can't do this without a drink *stands up and walks off view*

Cut to a pretty nebula background in space
Flying in from long away towards the camera in giant typeface: "GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY" along with fanfare music que
Cut to black
In slightly smaller text: "Two weeks earlier..."
I really like this.
Instead of Two weeks earlier I'd flashback farther to Peter Quill's childhood/origins

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Default Re: Ideas for opening the film

I like quite a few of those ideas but I'd like to introduce a key subplot you've overlooked.

Peter Quill embarks on a space shuttle mission however once outside of earth's atmosphere he's kidnapped by a passing spacecraft only learning later its because he isn't entirely human... wrongly assumed to be hiding on earth in violation of the agreement (founded by the actions of his father) he's imprisoned with a number of others and then promptly escapes with their help.

Drax claims to have been human whose family was killed and he was used for some bizarre science experiment involving organ donations from various species at the whim of some homicidal maniac he later learns is Thanos.

Gamora was imprisoned after killing a member of the Church, its only later they learn she's an agent of Thanos brainwashed to believe she's his daughter...

Rocket Raccoon is a former police officer who was imprisoned after he attempted to discover what happened to his people, he believes he's the only survivor although he later learns this may not be the case,

Groot is the only survivor of a race of plants who drew the ire of Thanos, he and Rocky are good friends,

The ship they absconded with is carrying Adam Warlock in suspension and not only are the Church seeking his return since their leader is an imposter claiming to be the true Adam Warlock but Thanos wants him because of the soul gem he bears and thats not even including the rest of the universe who are aware they have something everybody wants but don't know the full details and then there's Peter's dad... and whoever murdered Peter's mother since the scan would have undoubtedly have reached their attention... however since Peter just lead a prison breakout things are just going to get worse...

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