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Exclamation Which characters from X3 and Origins would you want to remove

to make the film better?

For me:
X3- Psylocke, Omega Kid, Arclight, Multiple Man, Spyke, Moira MacTaggert, Bolivar Trask (7)
Origins- Blob, John Wraith, Agent Zero, Bolt, Cyclops, Professor X, Kayla's sister (7)

For X3, I'm perfectly fine with X-Men's roster. I just think if they just developed Angel more and let him interact/fight with the X-Men, gave Colossus more importance to the team, it would have been so much better. Then for the Brotherhood, I would remove the minor characters and I just think with some tweaking, they could just give those minor roles to Pyro, Juggernaut, Callisto and Mystique and those four would have more to do in the movie. Then I would also remove Trask and Moira, they didn't have much use in the movie and there's another version of them appearing in the other X-Men movies.

Then for Origins, I liked how small the cast of The Wolverine is and I think if Origins had the same amount of cast members or mutants, the movie would have been better. No Cyclops and no Professor X especially the movie is about the origin of Wolverine. I would remove the army of mutants of Stryker, and the mutants that would work for Stryker would just be Wolverine, Sabretooth and Deadpool. With Sabretooth/Deadpool fighting with Wolverine throughout the movie. Then I would make Gambit as Wolverine's side-kick in the movie. I would just give the role of Wraith/Blob to Gambit and Gambit would have more things to do in the movie. And for Kayla's sister, I wouldn't give her Emma Frost's diamond-shifting ability.

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