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Default Re: About MJ and the men...

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
I'm saying what they had was not a "healthy" relationship.But relationships like theirs does happen in the real world.All the time
Yes, when one of the partners is selfish and heartless. In this case MJ.

Life's not that simple,I'm afraid.
Only if you're partnered with someone who's wrong for you.

The whole theme of the movie is about how Peter is losing who he is.It's right there,even before the symbiote business
No, it's not. The only time Peter acts in any way bad towards MJ is when he pushes her away after finding out his Uncle's killer is still at large. Even then it was understandable, and she doesn't even make the effort to stay and support. She just nods and sods off.

A selfless more caring MJ would would have been like this:

It's not a question of one of them being right or wrong.It's a lack of communication that gets them both in trouble
The only lack of communication was on MJ's behalf. Which puts her in the wrong. Peter's not psychic. He can't read her mind. If she has a problem and is not telling him then she's causing the rift between them.

Again,I think it's a fairly realistic take on a relationship for a CBM.No one can say MJ is the standered hero worshipping,angel that most "Love interests" are made out to be.She fells more like a real person,with motives that are all her own.
What motives? She prefers guys with money and great jobs? She likes to use what ever guy she can get her claws into to satisfy her insecurities and selfish desires? That doesn't make her feel like any more of a real person than someone who is not selfish and is more caring. It just makes MJ look like a biotch.

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
Keep trying.
No need. You lost three posts back. All you're doing is helping me now, like when you used the idea that MJ was used to guys with money lol.

But you didn't. Your only defense was MJ felt more strongly about a kiss than Peter did.
Yes, and she never told Peter that. Like she didn't tell him several other important things that were the cause of the rift between them because she never told him she had a problem.

Classic MJ behavior. Does she tell Harry she has feelings for Spidey? No. Does she tell John she has doubts about marrying him? No. Does she tell Peter any of the problems she had in SM-3? No.

All her fault. Fact.

You obviously have a particular dislike for the way she was written,and you are broad brushing the whole character,because of your dislike.That's fine,but there's no point in me going over the same ground.
Yeah, I have a problem with love interests who unfairly treat the noble hero like dirt.

"Sometimes I remember it one way. Sometimes another. If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"

- The Joker

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