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hero or a menace?
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Default Re: Tasm 2 music

Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
Horner's approach to the action scenes is why I really want him back.

He himself has said, while talking about ASM, that he feels the action scenes "take care of themselves". That, paired with what he delivered, showed he didn't really try with those scenes, and it very much left them feeling flat.

The score never delivered any tension or intensity.

Horner's ASM score is the exact opposite of Zimmer's MOS score.
Horner has mostly moderate and calm pieces with rarely any big and intense moments, while Zimmer had almost nothing but big and intense tracks, with very few quiet moments.
I don't quite understand, you want Horner back because of his approach in the action scenes, which you said were flat and didn't deliver any intensity

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hero or a menace?
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Default Re: Tasm 2 music

on a side note, I'd really love some rock guitars in the score every now and then to add some grit. Spectacular Spider-Man had a lot of guitar in the soundtrack

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Default Re: Tasm 2 music

I want epic goosebump music. The only real part of the score I enjoyed from TASM was at the end when he's on the rooftop and webs his leg and is about to swing by the cranes.

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Default Re: Tasm 2 music

Yeah that part was epic

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Default Re: Tasm 2 music

Originally Posted by TH29 View Post
I dug the score for the most part in part 1, I just feel like some of the best sections of music werent utilized more. Saving New York is great, and the section of music with the choir while hes on the roof getting ready to jump to the cranes too. And I think it worked great in the final swing, but I must say, I was a bit jealous of the Iron Man 3 theme, because I dont know, I just think its pretty bad ass and tough sounding. And think it could fit Spidey well too, but im happy Iron Man has one now.
It's a catchy theme, though a little generic, for IM. It's definitely the most fitting of the IM themes from the trilogy, imo. I don't believe it really fits Spidey at all. It feels a little too militaristic for Spidey, imo.

Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
Brian Tyler is still my top pick for ASM2.

His work on Iron Man 3 blew me away.

I consider it to be the Top 5 all time CBM scores with Williams' Superman, Zimmer's Batman, Ottman's X2, and Elfman/Young's Spider-Man.
I don't get why people here (meaning SHH) for whatever reason mentiona a composer from a previous or more recent superhero movie/franchise, whenever a composer hasn't been hired for a certain superhero movie. All of sudden believe that certain composer should score this or that superhero movie. I've seen people post many times up here of how they wanted either Doyle (Thor), Silvestri (CA:TFA), Horner (TAS-M) to score MOS before Zimmer was unfortunately announced as the composer. Only b/c they enjoyed a score from a different superhero movie franchise (based on a comic book) they believe they can score any superhero movie. Wouldn't it make more sense if they scored the sequels to their own franchises instead. Just b/c Doyle and Silvestri scored a character with similar traits that Superman has doesn't automatically mean they're the right composer.

A lot of you were happy that Silvestri was scoring "The Avengers" and then when some of you finally heard it ya'll were disappointed by it. The same thing happened with Horner when he was hired for TAS-M. A lot of you were like "finally Spider-man will have the the theme he deserves" b/c a lot of you complained about Elfman's theme being unnoticeable, or wasn't memorable, or wasn't in the vein of Williams' Superman march. But then when Horner writes a big catchy theme for Spidey some of you whine that it doesn't fit the character but Supes instead. WTF?

Now some of you are doing it again with TAS-M2 (eventhough the score for the previous film was already established by Horner rather you liked it or not ) this time with Tyler b/c of what you heard in IM3. Plus Tyler's already scoring Thor 2. So it doesn't make much sense why they'd hire him for TAS-M2. Some of you already suggested the "overrated" Henry Jackman to score TAS-M2 b/c you loved what he did with XM:FC. Once again rumor has it he might be scoring CA:TWS next year anyways. So why would they hire him for TAS-M2 both movies come out around the same time next year. I rather see Horner return and finish where he left off with the last film/score. When it comes to different superhero franchises/reboots I'd rather they hired a composer who hasn't scored a CBM before.

Another thing about Tyler's IM3 score which people are giving high praise to. I thought it was decent with a catchy theme, but just b/c the theme's catchy and more fitting for the main character doesn't mean the score is a masterpiece or anything like that. I don't think it's a big deal that it's the best of three IM scores either. Especially when I consider the previous scores rather weak and forgettable. Just b/c you thought he did a good job with IM3 doesn't necessarily mean he should score MOS, TAS-M2, etc, etc. That's why I'm torn between him scoring Thor 2. If he starts scoring every superhero movie it'll become homogenous and repetitive without any nuance, imo.

Sorry to rant like this but just b/c a certain composer did a great job with another superhero score doesn't mean he'll write another good one for a different superhero franchise. Eventhough it has happened before, imo. Zimmer's MOS score is a good example of why it doesn't, imo.

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