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Default GPU Overheating

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say that my GeForce 210 has been overheating lately.

When I got it back in the beginning of May,

It would idle at around 47C and get upto 67C while gaming. 2 weeks ago it started idling at 52C, which is fine, and would reach up to 71C while gaming.

Now it won't idle below 58. NO idea why. Hot summer weather? Card crapping out? I just shut my computer down, opened it and wiped all the dust that I could away. The GPU was covered in dust and I also cleaned the fans and the air chamber near the front of the case, but it still won't go below 58.

Before you say "haha **** card, upgrade, etc" I'm getting a AMD 7750 because it apparently "sips power" and will improve game performance.

Anyway, until I can get the 7750, what can i do with my 210 that'll help it's temp?

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Default Re: GPU Overheating

If that image is your exact card and there is no fan on it, then I suggest getting one of these
and mounting it as close to the heatsink as possible.

I think that would help a bit, and the hardware is not expensive.

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Default Re: GPU Overheating

The hot weather definitely doesn't help but inadequate ventilation causes more problems. Having something to pull heat off the gpu is going to help but it has to go somewhere. You want to get heat out of the case as well so if you don't already have exhaust fans those can help.

As to whether it will help your gpu it's hard to say without seeing the system itself.

There's also the possibility it's already suffered some damage from the heat but that typically presents as graphical problems rather than the card just being too hot.

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Default Re: GPU Overheating

ii have two fans in my PC. One on the processor/heatsink and one on the back of the case which I believe is blowing air out. I think my GPU's heatsink is broken or incapable now considering i turned my PC off. I touched it, practically burned me. I left if off for 30 minutes and it cooled down. By the time the computer booted back up, it went to 55C.

EDIT: Note that at the time of writing, someone is BBQd really clsoe to me (i live in an apartment. Probably a floor or two up) and it's making my room extremely hot. Probably causing the heating.

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