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Default Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

It's a SHH tradition...

LEX LUTHOR sits at his desk, his back to the large STAS-esque windows the give him a view of the rebuilding Metropolis. He is viewing a news report about how mercenary John Corben, who tried to assassinate him a few days before during a ribbon-cutting, is still in extremely critical condition at Byrne Street General Hospital after a car accident he suffered while being pursued by Superman. Suddenly, a beep is heard. He reaches over and presses a button on his speaker, and the voice of his assistant, MERCY GRAVES echoes from it.

Sir, Mr. Wayne is here for the One-Thirty...

Send him in, Mercy.

A beat, and then BRUCE WAYNE enters the room, wearing a suit and looking a bit tired.

LEX (standing up to go and shake Bruce's hand)
Bruce! Glad to see you...

Bruce begrudgingly extends his hand and gives Lex a firm handshake, engaging in small-talk:

Lex, I'm impressed, I must say that you are being quite the humanitarian rebuilding downtown, despite that... critic... a few days ago.

Lex smiles and then replies...

LEX (lifting his finger up high in the air for emphasis, like he's saying he's number one)
What aliens destroy, man will rebuild, Mr. Wayne! I'm sure you would do the same if Gotham's pests ever went above the level of rodents, clowns and.. what was it, a clay-person? Ridiculous.

Lex then turns and walks back towards his desk, allowing Wayne to smirk a bit. He would do the same for Gotham... but he knows full well that Gotham's clowns are no joke.

Lex sits down and gets to business.

Now, what brings the head of the Wayne empire to Metropolis? If you wanted to give me a get-well-soon card in person, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm perfectly fine. Corben missed completely.

Actually, it's about something else...

BRUCE reaches into his coat and produces a copy of the Daily Planet. He puts it on the desk of Luthor. LUTHOR THREATENS TO SHUT DOWN PLANET, blares the headline.

I want to buy the Daily Planet from you.

Oh, now, Bruce, you know that print is dying, why would you want to waste your money?

Bruce picks up the paper and reads a bit from it:

"According to sources inside the LexCorp conglomerate's news and information division, CEO Lex Luthor has become personally displeased with the Planet's coverage on Superman- believing it to be too positive- and is enraged by the recent reports by Lois Lane and Clark Kent that allege that LexCorp used illegal means in order to gain the contracts for the rebuilding of downtown Metropolis..."

He drops it on Luthor's desk again. A beat.

Wayne Enterprises was also bidding for that contract, Lex.

Lex rolls his eyes, then gets up and turns to look over Metropolis.

Bruce, before those aliens came, we were important. We could DO things! But now, our fates are being decided by some man from space who flies around in underwear deciding what is right and wrong like he thinks he's some messiah. And yet we all seem to forget that it was because of HIM that Zod came, because of HIM that so many people died that day in this city.

As Lex is monologuing, Bruce "accidentally" drops a thumb drive by Lex's desk.)

LEX (cont.)
And yet, because only this city was destroyed instead of the entire world, the sheep below have decided that he is the world's greatest hero... forgetting that he was willing to kill one of his own kind. If he's willing to do that, who knows what he'd be willing to do to us mere mortals? Why, even John Corben... why didn't Superman save him?

Lex turns back towards Bruce.

I've read your biography, Mr. Wayne, I know what happened to your parents. That was just one ordinary desperate man with a gun... who knows what a desperate SUPERman would...

BRUCE interrupts Lex.

I'm not here for your pontificating, Lex. I came here for the Planet.

Oh, please, Wayne... are you so sore over losing the contract to Metropolis that you'd protect that rag just so that my victory has to also bring endless aggravation to me?

BRUCE (glibly)
No, but I am a big fan of an independent and uncensored press... (cracks a smile) even if it does like sending paparazzi after me.

LEX reaches down and grabs the newspaper and throws it to BRUCE.

How much?

$100 million.

You're an idiot, your board of directors would have your head if you had any other last name. Come to our second attempt at a ribbon-cutting tomorrow and we're announce it there.

Thank you, Lex... I'm sure that the people of Metropolis will thank you as well.

BRUCE begins to leave and opens the door, but LEX then shouts something else:

Oh, Bruce, I was just curious... would Wayne Enterprises be interested in collaborating with LexCorp on a safeguard in case Superman turns against us? The government has let us take a look at some of the Kryptonian technology, I'm sure...

I don't like guns.

The door slams. Lex is again alone. He sees the dropped Wayne Enterprises thumb-drive and, seeing a possibility of getting some of a competitor's secrets, quickly grabs ahold of it and puts it in his computer.

Bruce now is browsing the contents of Lex's computer- the thumb-drive had a trojan horse on it- and on Lex's computer he finds a communication between him and John Corben...

BRUCE (quietly to himself, in a voice that sounds more Batman than Bruce Wayne)
False flag...

Marvel. DC. Indies. Who cares? Can't we all get along?
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