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Default Re: My G.I Joe Retaliation review

(here's my own review on GI Joe Retaliation- enjoy )

* GI Joe Retaliation “comes out with a good start in action and it picks off from the first film with the US president being compromised by an imposter en route to manipulating the GI Joes while bringing in Cobra to overtake the White House and bring the rest of the world to fear. It sounds and looked campy corny in some aspects but it’s still fun.

* My absolute most favorite part that I did enjoy and probably stood more than any in the film was Snake Eyes & Jinx vs. Storm Shadow, action scenes which featured impressive CGI effects martial arts-ninja action in an high mountain cliff atmosphere. I thought that was easily the high point of the entire film.

* They put Bruce Willis in the film, but he has such a very limited character role as General as the “original Joe” that it would not have made a difference if they did not use him at all. They simply used his face and name to gain more appeal to the film. The only delight was the surprise places where he stored weaponry.

· I know ex Wu Tang Gang rapper RZA is infatuated with martial arts film and noted for them, and normally in a popcorn flick I don’t expect much acting, but as an actor RZA is just terrible! Stiff, flat and never close to being believable as a blind master. I knew from seeing him in "Man with Iron Fists" that I expected more of the same mediocrity.
And just like the previous film, he was just as jokeable horrible as an actor. I doubt even adding his face and name brought any appeal to the film at all. I didn’t come even close to taking him serious.

* Oddly there’s no mention of other GI Joes from the first film, (Scarlett, General Hawk and Ripcord) but I figured it must be a budget issue and they wanted to re-direct from paying t and I was surprised with Duke( played by (Channing O’ Tatum) and I couldn’t get into “ Flint” but was intrigued with “ Lady Jaye” The battle with Rock vs. Fire Fly –by the way I liked Firefly’s weaponry, motor ride and gadgets.

I got far more satisfaction out of Firefly than I did Cobra Commander. (the main villain and leader) Speaking of the Rock, I thought it was a great idea to cast him in the film, his action- demeanor, physique, and machismo charisma immediately adds splash to the film more than anyone else.

* It’s loaded with exciting action-sequences from hand to hand combat, gunfire fight, and impressive CGI special effects. and a plot script from beginning to end- though not enough put together to make it a classic action flick, but it can easily be enjoyable entertaining to definitely enjoy as a very fun popcorn flick.

I’d have to say this sequel was more fun and enjoyable than even the first GI Joe film.
* On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it 7.0

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Default Re: Review

Picked this up on DVD/Blueray yesterday and I wanted to see this in theaters but could not get there due to family issues, wish I had, I enjoyed this very much, it was not perfect, as has been stated, RZA was not very good as the blind master and Bruce Willis seems flat, just there to get a check.
That said, loved Ray Stevensen as Firefly, he was easily the best Cobra, Cobra Commander was also good, did not have many scenes, but was not a bumbling idiot from the cartoon, even though Cobra loses in this, the destruction they bring, makes them seem more evil.
Having the Rock in this was awesome, he was enjoyable as Roadblock, glad he did not rhyme every time he spoke,lol.
Overall, I would give this a solid 7 out of 10, was alot of fun and would watch this again.

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Default Re: Review

Saw it today and thought it was dumb fun. Really dumb.

I like how the Rock randomly busts a cap in the air when the President is standing a foot away. That was so randomly stupid it left me busting up at the end.


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Default Re: Review

Finally saw this, a fun action flick to watch but I actually enjoyed the 1st movie more. Overall some great action sequences and not really much else.

I think Duke was missed after the 1st 30 mins, they shouldnt have killed him, Rock and Palicki were good additions on the Joes side and Firefly and Cobra Commander were good on the bad side.

Once again though, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow steal the show, they are easily the highlight of this series so far and get all the best sequences, though I thought it was a little early to have them team-up, but they will be at odds again in the 3rd movie.

6/10 overall.

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Default Re: Review

This movie was worse than the first.

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Default Re: Review

This movie was terrible, God only knows how bad it would of been if they hadn't taken another year to poop on it.

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Default Re: Review

I hate this franchise more than Transformers.

But in both cases the characters are all wrong!

Lesson here is to just stay away from Hasbro-Paramount films.

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Default Re: Review

Originally Posted by Stryderk View Post
This movie was worse than the first.
That's what I was telling people and at first, people were like 'Nahh' and now they've done a turnaround on the film.

"Benicio Del Toro is up-and-coming...and this (movie) could be his breakthrough role."

-- Anonymous, 2016
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