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Default Batman & Robin Reboot

Forget about Joel Schumacher for a minute. Who would like to see a future trilogy based on Batman and his sidekicks? I had a few ideas about how they could do them serious justice on screen and was curious how others might go about it.

Sometime after the Justice League film, starting in lets say... 2018.

Batman and Robin: We see Batman take out some small time crooks. He's in his early 30s. Something happens to him that makes him realize working alone is dangerous. Alfred probably rubs it in. He is then invited to the Flying Graysons show where we all know what happens. A villain like Black Mask is involved. Bruce Wayne adopts young Dick Grayson (14-16). Batman teaches Robin how to fight crime, deal with his anger and eventually overcome his desire for vengeance. Robin's suit would ideally be something like Teen Titans or Young Justice.

Batman and Robin 2: Dick is now aged 18-22 and having differences of opinions with Bruce/Batman. He leaves and becomes Nightwing. Batman knows Nightwing is ready to fight crime solo but refuses to admit it. The Joker returns (for the first time on screen since 2008?) and wreaks havoc in Gotham. Batman takes on a new hot-headed apprentice in Jason Todd (also a teen). He doesn't feel that Jason is ready but needs his help. The movie ends with Jason's apparent death and Batman's doubt in taking on apprentices any longer. Jason's suit is Robin inspired, but more street (sort of like Arkham City?) with a green hoodie and red body armor.

Batman and Robin 3: Another year or two passes. Something like Under the Red Hood where Jason Todd returns angry and vengeful. But we also see Tim Drake as more of a Red Robin type character, obviously inspired by Batman's previous proteges, working independently but helping out despite Batman's orders. Red Hood is the main antagonist. He develops connections that somehow prove to be a challenge for Batman, Nightwing and Red Robin. Whether we see Ra's or Joker in this one is up to the writers.

If they just took it slow with these ones and focused on each robin individually in each film we might see some really cool stuff. Probably save Batgirl/Oracle and Damian Wayne for future sequels. If at all.

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