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Post 14 Ways to Make Iron Man 4 Better than Iron Man 3

With Iron Man 4 on the horizon for Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3, it remains unclear when the film will be set for theateratical release in the future. Before Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige even think about coming up with the characters, they are gonna need to recap over the past 3 movies and indeed as Feige said he and his staff are going to be thinking hard on what to use for the fourth film's character's villains and storyline based plot and before they along with possible returning director Shane Black even think about deciding, they should use everyone of these ideas to make the film go smoother and better than Iron Man 3 and maybe even fixing up some of the plotholes that their outrightful lack of sympothy, lack of character respect and inconfidence had messed up as well.

Now here the recommendations that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige should use before getting started on Iron Man 4.

14. Stop Making the Villains be about Tony (ex. Obadiah, Whiplash and Aldrich Killian) because it's not only becoming too predictable but it's like the producers can't seem to think of other ways on doing the bad guys in the films

13 No More Ripping Movies Off with Boring Reality Crap (Such as taking away best features of the characters like the Mandarin over such sloppy excuses or ditching the cooler and better villains like Fin Fang Foom over bullcrap excuses)

12. No MODOK, No Firebrand, No Mallen, or any other villain that Aldrich Killian is more truely adressed as except for the Mandarin

11. Have Pepper officially suit up in her official new Rescue armor because she has waited long enough

10. Avoid ditching the armors because there are more villains that Marvel Studios may use that definatley requires TOny to wear Iron Man armors

9.No More Violating Characters over Excuses

In Iron Man 3, Feige purposely misused two of Iron Man's enemies, Firepower and the Mandarin. Instead of armoring Ashley Hamilton up as Firepower, Black wasted him as a bomb and instead of having Kingsley battle Tony with Magic rings guns, or swords, Feige and Marvel just wasted the character by turning the Mandarin into a joke and violating his MCU depiction by having to twist his name onto Aldrich Killian over such lack of capability on dealing with stereotypes like men. Not to mention that Feige's excuse for betraying everyone's expectations on the character for not having any other choice but to risk ruining him sounds like he's been brain damaged and that his mind has been reduced to scared little 10 yea old kid on not having to deal with the Mandarin the way he originally had him with Kingsley as the character. Well Firepower cannot be fixed because he's been completely vaporized, but the Mandarin on the other hand can be fixed simply by returning as Trevor Slattery with real magic rings either as Aldrich Killian's personal demon and idolized persona brought to life as a real existing threat or by retraction and all that it would take to get some conviction into Feige and staff to get Ben Kingsley to reprise his role as the Mandarin but properly this time with power rings and without denying that oppertunity over their bulls**t excuse of having the extremis powered Aldrich being their perfered MCU version of the character would be to persuade them with the right ideas and proper modivation

8. Reveal Aldrich Killian's Possible Connection with the Ten Rings

Because of the twist on the Mandarin when the arch enemy of Tony was meant to be the leader of the terrorists in Afghanistan, further explaination on Aldrich Killian's connection with the Ten Rings is needed to be revealed because leaving cliffhangers left undone is totally unacceptable especially on how could an american be the leader of Afghanistanian terrorists.

7. All Out War Between the Ten Rings and AIM

To make the 4th film more interesting, Kevin Feige is to have the terrorists called the Ten Rings to return and ally with the new Mandarin Trevor Slattery against AIM in retaliation of their boss Aldrich Killian using them and their symbol for his own dirty schemes.

6. Bring Back the Ten Rings

We can't forget about the terrorists who abducted Tony Stark because some of them have to still be alive and we still need to know where they are now.

5. Introduce the Ghost

With the Ghost debuting in the next film, not only will he be a suitable Iron Man villain adaptable for the MCU. but also with his skills of stealth and martial arts tactics, he should be capable of breaking the Mandarin (Trevor) out of jail and bringing him over to the Ten Rings to explain to him about Tony Stark and Aldrich Killian

4. Do a Retraction/Reintroduction for the Mandarin

Because Mandarin is still alive as Trevor Slattery and that neither he or Killian used magic rings in Iron Man 3, Marvel Studios and producer Kevin Feige should do a retraction for the Mandarin by bringing Ben Kingsley back for the fourth installment and consider him a second MCU interpretation of the Mandarin by doing the following:

* Shave off the beard so that it doesn't make the character's depiction look unbearable

*Have Trevor escape from prison with Ghost's help and team up with the Ten Rings

*Have Trevor acquire the ten power rings that should make him evolve into the more proper Mandarin we rightfully deserve to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

*Have Trevor suit up in dark knight based armor so that he is capable of battling his opponents

*Have The Mandarin(Trevor) lead the Ten Rings into war against AIM and use his power rings to help him reclaim everything he lost such as his wealth, home, and reputation

*Have the New Mandarin battle Tony at least once

*Have the character team up with Iron Man against Fin Fang Foom and the dragons after the dragon crosses him in their dealings

*The one and only thing Ben Kingsley's Mandarin will not have is being relentless against Tony Stark which is once sacrifice the producers are gonna have to make if they bring Mandarin back into the fourth film as Trevor Slattery because it's better for the Mandarin's interpretation to match up with
the ones from the comics instead of changing or violating him over such incapabilities.

3. Next Wave of Enemies to be alien Dragons

Since Iron Man has fought terrorists, robots, armored villains, extremis enhanced soldiers, and normal level thugs, it's time that Feige and Marvel Studios should go with one more specific type of enemies before even thinking about ditching the armors as well as making the next films non Iron Man based and the next wave of enemies best for them to use while wearing armor are the Makulan dragons

2. Main Villain for Iron Man 4 Should be Fin Fang Foom

That's right as one of Iron Man's greatest foes, Fin Fang Foom is the biggest of them all. Very well known for his association with Iron Man's arch enemy the Mandarin, Fin Fang Foom, the alien dragon is also the villain responsible for the origin of the Mandarin as well. And as big and fearsome as he is in the comics, Fin Fang Foom is the ultimate villain that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige should use as the main villain for Iron Man 4. That way it should make the franchise regain its proper reputation after the blowback twist in Iron Man 3 and that it will be considered a sign that Marvel isn't going to continue ripping the films off with more boring reality based crap as well because this time by bringing the Dragon and his race into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fin Fang Foom will be Tony Stark's ultimate challenging villain yet!

1. Iron Man 4 to be based on the Dragon Seed Storyline

Oh yeah, and the best thing about this storyline in the Iron Man comics is that it's so far the only one where Iron Man and his arch enemy Mandarin team up against other villain threats and as remarkable as it is, it would be the only storyline in the comics that Feige and Marvel would use to make the Mandarin still work as Trevor Slattery in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All they have to do is have Trevor get the power rings from Fin Fang Foom and have him do things that do not fully follow up with the storyline up until the doubecross and the Mandarin's team up with Iron Mand against the alien dragons and then everything will go a lot better than Iron Man 3.

So all this is what Kevin Feige, Shane Black, and the rest of Marvel Studios must use for Iron Man 4 and they should be notified ASAP

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