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Default Re: Would you do anything differently in MoS?

Longer flashback extensions. Loved the way the movie was set up with flashbacks. It worked perfectly with Superman than it would any other hero and flashbacks allowed the Clark Kent character reminisce his distance from humanity.

However, I believe they lacked longevity in screen time in the flashbacks to really feel every emotion for the audience to latch on. I thought it was great, but I could see how the execution was too subtle for everybody to fully buy into.

Though Hans Zimmer soundtrack as a whole hit many strings, I think, overall, the score fell flat in many areas and because of this, I think the film suffered in some instances. If there was a letdown for me, it was the soundtrack. I wanted to notice it but instead, it felt in the background when it should have resonated. I think that's why the trailers were so emotional. The scores Snyder used were heartwarming and emotional. Didn't get that much from Zimmer's style here.

I would have saved Superman's money-shot in the suite. With an important icon like Supes, the reveal of him in his suite should of been an impactful moment. Instead, we literally seen it scene for scene in the trailers. As a result, the reveal felt more downplayed and not heart pumping as it should have been. They should have saved that for a first-time viewing and had it locked in the archives.

The aftermath of Zod's death or any mention of Supes acknowledging guilt should have been in there, only if it were short and sweet. When Clark and Ma were at the cemetery watching over Pa Kents tombstone, I thought Clark would atleast grieve about what happened or gave some type of reference to the battle and destruction that took place, but that never came. I didn't have a problem, but it was noticeable.

Other than that, for all the reasons why people and fans hated on Man of Steel, I absolutley loved. The acting was top notch, the story took a turn where I least expected it, the writers were ballsy enough to reach a controversial ending and Henry Cavill as Superman was absolutley fantastic.

There were faults, but at first attempt, they resurrected the Superman franchise and got people talking about Superman again. I think it's a unique film and because of that, Man of Steel was a hit for me.

Man of Steel: 6
Batman V Superman: 4
Suicide Squad : 2
Wonder Woman: 3
Justice League: 2
Wonder Woman: 1984
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